1. Nerevarine

    Need to convert Microsoft SQL Server Database to MySQL database

    Is there any way I can convert a MS SQL Database running on SQL Server 2008 to a MySQL Database directly. I have the mdf and ldf snaps of the MS SQL database but it is not importable in the MySQL PhpMyAdmin Panel.. Is there anyway to convert this into MySQL Scripts in .sql format
  2. ajayritik

    Need software to convert HD Videos to format that can play on my PMP

    I recently got my Cowon A3 PMP fixed which can play FLAC files and Videos files. However most of the videos I have are HD that is either 1080p or 720p which I try to play on my PMP says resolution not supported. Do we have any software which can convert these to formats which can be played on...
  3. A

    png to jpeg freeware

    please suggesr freeware to convert png into jpeg format.want a downloadable version which doesnt require me o go online to convert
  4. ajayritik

    Need Free Software to convert Youtube Videos to DVD or VCD format

    Hi Friends, There are some old Movies in youtube which my uncle wants to watch on his DVD player. What will be the best software to convert these videos(Hindi Movies) into DVD Format. Till recently I have used VSO Convert X to DVD but yesterday when I converted using the same software the...
  5. raksrules

    2.5" HDD with partitions, used in enclosure, connected to laptop..detects but unusable

    I have this 2.5" laptop HDD which I think had 3-4 partitions. I t was in laptop which has been sold now. I kept the HDD with myself. I bought this 2.5" HDD enclosure from ebay and put the HDD in the enclosure and connected the same to my laptop. It detected the HDD fine (i think), drivers...
  6. mati17

    Sothink Video Converter Help Needed

    Dear Forum, I have a hollywood movie with dual audio (Hindi & English) in mkv format. I played it on my pc with vlc media player. It can be played in both english or hindi. Now i want to convert it in 3gp format to view in my mobile. I convert it with "Sothink video converter". it converts it...
  7. M

    Convert mp4 to MIDI

    I have a song in mp4 format that I want to convert to MIDI. Anyone know how it can be done?
  8. A

    need this software or similar

    Hello I need this software or any other of this kind.Please help me guys.I want to convert youtube videos into text
  9. C

    Need wifi @ home using the datacard

    Hi guys, Need your help to know if I can setup wifi at home using the datacard. I have a reliance netconnect datacard which gives a good 80% network support at home. now want it to convert to a wifi to use anywhere in home. is it possible? what is required to make it happen if possible.
  10. vidhubhushan

    opening or converting $TS file created by DVR

    any software to play or convert $TS file created by digital tv DVRs? :-?
  11. sujeet2555

    convert MKV to AVI/Mpeg without pixellation

    i am using xilisoft video convertor. even on highest setting converting a MKV specially to MPEG2 introduces pixellation in the to convert the MKV files keeping the same quality.
  12. A

    i am not able to convert image file to text

    i am having many ocr softwares , but none of them helped me to convert my jpeg image to text i used free ocr software, top ocr software, but it didn't help
  13. T

    How much does one make from websites such as TDF?

    Yup, after visiting endless forums on the web, I ask this to myself , how much does one make from these? Does the revenue come from advertising? I don't see any ads after I registered here. If your website gets traffic, would that convert into money?
  14. harshilsharma63

    Convert nrw to jpeg

    Hi, I have a Nokia x2 00 which saves images taken with its camera in nrw format and then keeps on processing then to jpeg's in background. The problem is that due to this processing, after clicking 24 photos continusly, the camera becomes really slow, so slow that that it takes 34 s between two...
  15. sam9953

    Is it alright to convert HDD from NTFS to FAT32?

    Hi guys I have a sony LED tv and love watching movies on it, but when I connect my seagate HDD it is not able to recognize it, probably because it is NTFS, so I want to convert it to FAT32, please can you tell me is it safe to convert my HDD to FAT32? Will my tv read it? Will it function the...
  16. V2IBH2V

    Optical to 3.5mm converter

    Ok so my TV has only an optical out.. How can i convert it to 3.5mm jack? Plz provide a link to those amps that can convert it.. Im tired of googling now :(
  17. A

    Video resolution for 24 inch LED TV

    Hi, i have a 24 inch LED tv from Haier which can play movies through USB, but i m unable to convert my videos to the exact resolution, please help. Thanks and Regards Asgarali
  18. coolest111

    convert ethernet connection to ethernet+wifi connection

    i have bsnl broadband connection that cames with dial one modem itz 750UL home plan now i want to convert it to wifi+ethernet connection both to be used simultaneously i hve zte 531b modem that have 4 lan ports n router how to configure it? I tried many tuts available but none workin pls...
  19. ramakanta

    convert High quality movies!!

    i have lot of old bollywood,Hollywood and documentary movies available. but my question is , how to convert these movies .avi or .mkv or HD format, that type is available in todays' Internet. Is any software or hardware ?? if possible please help me. thank you. :confused:
  20. sam9953

    How do I play rmvb files in TV

    Hi guys, I have got a Phillips DVD player, Samsung TV and a Sony EX420. None of these don't support playback of rmvb files. I need to play these on my TV without converting them. I don't want to convert to a compatible format because then it looses the resolution and also the audio sync goes...
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