Htc m8 vs m7??in contract.

    Hey all, I was planning an upgrade for my phone. and was considering the m8.i liked the dot view case alot. But turns out m7 is getting sense 6 in the end of may. and now im confused between m7 and m8. Any one using m7 or m8?any suggestions . And fyi im buying the phone under contract. And its...
  2. dude1

    Can iphone 5s be unlocked in india?

    Hi!A friend of mine wants to buy iphone 5s but it is priced very high in India. One of my cousins is coming back to India in a few weeks. So my question, is it possible(and logical) to unlock the on contract AT&T iphone 5s. If so , will it have any legal consequences for my...
  3. U

    Getting a contract phone from USA

    Hi Friends I have some doubt over importing a USA contract phone to India. Hope someone can answer the following. 1. Can my friend in USA buy a contract phone for me with very less price 2. Can I unlock it in India to be used with India telecom operators 3. What will be legal action will the...
  4. M

    Buying Iphone from US

    Hi My cousin is going to US and will be in Washington and New York area. She wants to get an iPhone 4s / 5 factory unlocked and without contract. Pls let me know any shops or websites from where she could get them. Thanks
  5. mayank_agarwal

    Want to order Google Nexus 4 from US

    Hi there everyone!I am in need of help!My bro who lives in Hyderabad wants to order Google Nexus 4 from US.He wants to buy the 16GB version priced at $349 but he is worried.Though the Mobile Phone is tagged as Unlocked and Contract free, will it work in India properly without any problem?Plz...
  6. Desmond

    RSS Chief : 'Women meant to do household chores'

    Source Video Well, Mr. Bhagwat, times have changed. Perhaps you should you should know that many women are CEOs and Managers in top notch companies.
  7. prabhu.wali

    France's Dassault flies away with $10-b fighter jet deal :D

    NEW DELHI, JAN. 31: The over $10-billion (Rs 50,000 crore) deal to supply 126 fighter jets to the Indian Air Force has been won by the French firm Dassault Aviation SA. The deal is estimated to be the largest Indian defence deal. The number of Rafale aircraft supplied finally could increase as...
  8. R

    Need advice on buying iphone from us?

    hi guys need to know on where and how to buy the iphone 3gs from us. one of my relatives has gone there, will be returning soon. can i get a phone without contract from there?? reply
  9. paroh

    Microsoft confirms 800 job cuts

    Source Microsoft this morning acknowledged that it's making additional job cuts today -- eliminating another 800 positions around the world, spread across a variety of product groups. About a quarter of the job cuts are in the Seattle region, a Microsoft spokesman said via phone. The news...
  10. dreams

    iPhone with contract

    hi my frnd is in canada..can I ask him to get me a iPhone from thr and use it in india??? he is telling the cost of the same is 199$ when bought wit contract and without contract its 700$. If my frnd is getting the contract mobile, give it to me, i unlock it, can i use it wit other SIM??? wat...
  11. tango_cash

    incresed no of blasts in 2008.elections due in the it related???

    hey don't u think that there were more terrorist activities in the last year compared to any recent years, happening at regular intervals and spanning all over the country.. and the election were to come up. do u think this might be related????? actually i saw the movie Contract by ram gopal...
  12. MetalheadGautham

    Rs. 10,000 android phone here at last ?

    Some australian company named Kogan is releasing two android phones which look a lot like blackberries. One of them retails at US $190 WITHOUT contract. Perhaps it could be the first budget android mobile ...
  13. Pat

    Airtel Disaster

    From what I have heard and read, it seems that the Airtel Mumbai network is down since morning. That is nearly more than 15 hours now I think. What kind of **** is this ? If our(company I am working for) clients production server is down and we cant get it back working in an hour or so, all...
  14. C

    Latest Football Transfer Rumours

    This is the thread where the latest football transfer rumours and deals are reported. Latest:- Peter Kenyon has flown to Italy to convince carlo ancellotti to join as chelsea manager for a massive 8 mn pounds a year contract. Manchester United have reported Real Madrid to governing body...
  15. dreamcatcher

    Bsnl joins hands with MOTO!!!!

    Bsnl deals with Moto
  16. kumarmohit

    Legality of Mac OS X TOS

    Re: The official thread for any and all discussion related to Apple Inc. Guyz I was going through the Indian Copyright Act and Indian Contracts Act. Look what I found. Contrary to what you think, there is no crime in installing OS X on a PC if you strip it from a Mac you purchased. It is...
  17. DukeNukem

    Can any one solve this ????

    Hi there Angels can somebody, anybody tell me whats wrong with this thing and how to correct it ???? -- Oracle 9i rel2 create or replace procedure p_parent (v_parent varchar2, v_contract varchar2) is pragma autonomous_transaction; begin dbms_output.put_line ('CREATE TABLE...
  18. evil_maverick

    fifa 07 cheats!!

    hw can i cheat in fifa 07???? splly hw can i make my players sign a 5 yr contract aft dey becum stars, for minimal money?
  19. abhijit_reddevil

    Videocon drops Dravid, Dhoni from ads

    Source: * Serves Dravid right..:mad:. Although I am not in favour of cancelling Dhoni's contract.
  20. Tech Geek


    Amitabh Bachchan is not the host of KBC anymore. Now it is Shahrukh khan:D .It is going to start from January. It is a 5 Yrs contract.
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