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Videocon drops Dravid, Dhoni from ads

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Wise Old Owl
Just see on tv, they have no problem as they got their full contract money earlier..... And they have SRK, cricket players may flop but he generally dont flop..... So what the use of Dravid and Dhoni....


Aspiring Novelist
Oh please! Brand endorsements are absolutely not the reason Indian cricket is in shambles. Shooting a piece of television commercial hardly takes a day and they are paid handsomely for it. It is not as if they have to abandon their cricket for the advertisements. So I do not see any harm in them making money out of their fame.


The Frozen Nova
Few days Pune Times wrote it take at the most 20 days in a year for hese ads. This is hardly anything and they might even be shooting it during injuries. Who knows?


BCCI has said that the profit they gain throgh organizing matches will only be shared with cricketers if they win.


Swalpa Adjust Maadi
the fellows, who drop these players, are first to turn up at their residence moment they score some runs / take wickets / doing something . the players are happy, so are sponsors.. we, the public are made fools in the matter. my proposal for the companies would be to showcase their ;) product's merits instead of some cricketer saying "match on, toh videocon" and coming very soon to dressing room to watch the game analysis on their videocon TV's :mad:.


Walking, since 2004.
I remember this line from one of Dravid's old ads

(Dhoni aur Dravid Ko) Dho Dala!

I say kick them out from the team. That way, Dhoni can look after his hair.


Human Spambot
The videocon manager was saying that the ads have been put on a hold and they will show these ads again when Dravid and Dhoni score.
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