1. comp@ddict

    HD4890x2 *VS* GTX 285 SLi - REVIEWed

    1. Power Consumption Well, the power consumption is not bad, it's 49W behind GTX 285 SLi, but 26W ahead of GTX295. 2. CRYSIS Warhead We see the HD4890 CF more or less match the GTX285 SLi, which is very commendable indeed. However, on an overage, it's 3fps short. 3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky...
  2. R

    low power server

    Hi, I am planning to build a linux based router for my home. The idea is to build a cheap , low-power linux based router that can do DSL load balancing. As it would be running for 24/7, power consumption is a main concern. It would be having bare minimum components essential for this...
  3. cluby

    Lower Power Consumption

    I have an ASUS motherboard & AMD X2 4400+ proc. I want to know how to minimize the power consumption while I am only downloading ( 2-8 ) using any tools or bios settings. I usually switch off the monitor.
  4. din

    Please suggect : Thinkpad or Mac mini or Mac Book ?

    Confused again (as usual lol) Requirement - 1. Least power consumption (not too much worried on the power bill, but more power outages these days :( ) 2. Extreme Portability (traveling 300 KMs every 3 months - have two homes) 4. Main softwares that I am using - XAMPP, DW, All chat...
  5. desiibond

    AMD's second black edition : Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition

    Price $130 65nm fabrication 2.6GHz very low power consumption. tremendous overclocking potential. unlocked CPU multiplier power consumption stays low even when overclocked to 3.4GHz on stock cooling. can be overclocked without increaseing FSB freq. Might just be what overclockers...
  6. pushkaraj

    Power consumption of CRT v/s LCD??????

    I want to knw wat exactly is the power consumption of a CRT monitor as compared to dat of an LCD:?:
  7. Manshahia

    Power Consumption by my PC??

    Guys i want to knw wat is the power consumption by my PC?? Its P4 2.66 with 15" monitor and 256 MB Ram. No Graphics card.
  8. cyborg47

    Problem with Photoshop CS3.

    I have rcently installed adobe photoshop CS3 beta on my pc. Now the problem is the software is running too slow, can anyone tell me how to speed it up or to increase the memory consumption by photshop? I have only 30 days left, plz can any one help quickly.
  9. K

    Actual consumption?

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me how much power will consume in Watts&Amphere separately by the following Hardwares each? How to calculate power consumption to know the suitability of SMPS? Core 2 Duo E6300 1.8GHz 965 Motherboard Ram Hard Disk DVD Combo Drive CD writer Floppy Drive Are...
  10. dreams

    Current Consumption

    hi guys.. iam from chennai and use BSNL dial-up conn.. in the night my internet conn is free 2 use and so i use to d/l all sorts in the night.. i used to switch off my monitor and the d/l continues whole nite for abt 7 hours.. i need 2 know wat wil b the current consumption.. will it raise my...
  11. GameAddict

    Less Power Consumption PC?

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a new (most probably AMD) PC. I need some guidelines on what to choose so that electricity consumption is as less as possible ( like brand/size of monitor, Hard Disk, Display Card etc.). I plan to buy 7200RPM HDD, GeForce 4 (at least), 17" Monitor. Any...
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