24x7 Internet connection need a secondary download only PC

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I already have a Desktop,
right now i underclock it for less power consumption,

I need a low power (a cheap system) solution so i can keep it online downloading torrents for 24hours a day 7 days a week that consumes minimum electricity.

Dont need a dvd-drive but, wifi/esata either of would be helpful to transfer files quickly.

Also any idea how i check the total power consumption of my pc or any other device(my tv, hi-fi).:smile:


Right off the assembly line
Buy a P3 Computer with 256 MB of RAM,80GB HDD which will cost u around 2000 or 2500 without monitor. It will consume less power. If u need monitor also buy a second-hand TFT which will cost u around 2000-2500. Measuring Power Consumption is not necessary as it is not going to hurt your power bill.

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You could consider buying a second hand laptop, based on may be celeron M or sempron. they might come real cheap. with the batteries removed & the laptop running on AC power, they consume as low as 60W. plus you save on space & get some portability.

As for your 2nd question, i suppose there are devices available for that, but they might be expensive. For an easy solution, switch off evrything in your home and run your PC for an hour and check your house electricity meter. If you have an electronic meter, you will find out the exact consumption. a 1000W appliance uses 1KW or 1 unit of electricity in 1 hour. do the rest of the calculation!
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