40inch to connect to laptop - wireless


1. Budget?
Around 40k. - Can stretch 10-15k more but is it worth spending 50k+ on a tv?

2. Display type and size?

40 inch - Not bigger. for bedroom

3. Primary use of Tv/monitor?

Both, tv and monitor... if im home ill use the tv as a laptop monitor

4. Ports Required?

USB x2, hdmi, x2+

5. Preferred choice of brand?

Im open to quality providers. 6.

Any TV/monitor in consideration?

Theres so many out there that only confuses me more so i come here to ask the expert opinions.

7. Any other info that you want to share.

Do I need a smart tv to connect my laptop ( windows 10 ) to the tv wirelessly? - This is a make or break for me buying the tv. has to be full hd or 4k

Secondly theres a lot of sun light that enters my room, if some tv that suits ~ not important, ill just shut the curtains.

Thanks and your views will be highly appreciated.

I dont need a 3dtv.


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TVs & Speakers are the things which one has to check out in person before making a decision.what looks like "vivid colours" to someone,might look like "artificial colours" to others.similarly what looks like "natural colours" to someone,might look like "dull colours" to others.usual choice of brands for TVs is sony,samsung & LG.whatever tv you buy do get at least 1 year or better 2 years extra warranty besides the usual standard 1 year(so total 2 or 3 years warranty).the smart sony tv suggested above seems like a good option.
Connect a Laptop to a Smart TV Wirelessly [Solved] - WiFi - Technologies
Below are the steps to Connect a Laptop with Windows 8.1 to a Smart TV

TV Steps:
1) Switch on Sony Bravia TV
2) From TV Remote Press 'Home' button
3) Navigate to 'Apps' menu
4) Select 'Screen Mirroring' app and be ready

If any other smart TV Navigate to Screen Mirror screen

In Windows 8.1 OS Laptop
1) Pull the menu from Right Side of the screen or Move mouse to extreme right to pull the menu
2) Select 'Settings' next select 'Change PC Settings'
3) Select 'Devices'
4) Select 'Add Devices' (Verify if already your TV is shown under 'Projecter' tab in the screen if yes delete the device
5) Your TV will be shown in the List of devices
6) Select the device and it will get added and if this is added for the first time in TV Screen select 'Accept' with TV remote
7) Your Laptop screen will be visible after few seconds
8) Now Laptop screen is visible and audiable in your TV (enjoy Films, Videos, games etc.,)
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