1. R

    Laptop workstation

    Ok...I desperately need ideas and specs for a Laptop workstation. Good configs but not as hi-fi as Alienware. .:cheers:.
  2. S

    [sub 8k]]Need PC for internet surfing and occasional skype

    Need a PC for my parents. Will be used for : 1. Internet surfing. 2. Occasional skype. 3. Photo browsing. 4. Occasional very low end gaming (like solitaire etc). Configs in mind : 1. The CPU can be pretty low grade. 2. The motherboard can be of very low specs and basic configs. 3. 1...
  3. M

    advice for buying gaming pc(45k-50k)

    i'm bit confused about the selection of processor can any one suggest the best config from the given two config's 1.amd fx4100,asus m588 motherboard,sapphire 6850 grapics card i5 processor,mother board:67mle,sapphire 6850 graphics card(the cost exceeds beyond 50k)
  4. N

    Cyber Cafe

    Ok I am setting up a cyber cafe with 7 or 8 computers. I have finalized following configurations. CPU -------- Intel P4 3.2 GHz (not dual core) MB---------- MSI G31 Memory------ 1 GB DDR2 Hard disk---- 320 GB or 500 GB (Confused because there is almost no price difference between 320GB and...
  5. N

    Any one with a high end gaming rig please post your configs here

    Hi! guys bought a MSI X48C Platinum mobo some days ago and received nothing but frustration from it. It never worked the way it should have. Now that I have returned it, I am looking for a new high end gaming mobo,that supports DDR3 memory and CrossfireX. Any one with a high end gaming rig...
  6. S

    Get A Customized Branded PC

    hi, i'm looking for new BRANDED PC. companies (HP,Lenovo,Compaq) are offering PCs upto Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 (2 GHz). But i want Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66 GHz) with Intel DG33FB motherboard. How can i get such a customized BRANDED PC? I know Dell has such a service (on its...
  7. antoniobc

    Laptop Prices

    Hi guyz! I need to know different ranges of laptops and their prices with their configs! Hope this thread is uselful to other users too! Thanx
  8. A

    Which Config Is Better????

    Hey guys, I hope this isnt the wrong section i wanted to ask that which of these configs wud run FEAR,ES IV Oblivion,GTA SA,NFS MW better without ne overclocking 1. Conroe E6300 with a Decent 965 Motherboard with decent 2GB DDR2 Ram and with XFX 7600GS 2.AMD Athlon X2 3800+ with ASUS...
  9. I

    Internet Not working in Windows XP

    My internet connection is not working now in Windows XP. But right now it works with the Ubuntu live cd. I have checked the network configs. The ip address and dns server addresses are all properly config's. I use touchtel adsl. DHCP is disabled and I dont know how to enable it.Cant find on...
  10. KoRn

    selling my old comp

    hey guys suppose i were to sell my old comp with the following configs how much wud it cost: p4 1.6 Ghz(4 yrs old) intel 845 mobo(8 months old) 256 mb ddr ram(less than 6 months) hcl busybee cabinet(4 yrs old) HCL hhcm580m 15"MONITOR hcl deskjet 656 c printer perfect condition. cell power...
  11. KoRn

    xp sp2

    hey guys i have xp sp1 in my computer and i am interested in keeping it wise cuz ma friends say sp2 gives lots of probs especially in configs are p4,xp pro,128mb ddr ram,20gb hdd(SUCKS!!).so wat should i do. :D :wink:
  12. KoRn


    hey guys i am planning to buy another cpu with the following configs p4 2.80Ghz 512mbram/256mb ram 80gb hdd/40gb :wink: geforce xfx5200,128mb thats it.HOW MUCH WILL IT COST??!!please give me the price i am going to buy a branded computer but i am going to tell the engineer wat to put in...
  13. Charley

    Broad band speed problem??

    I've taken the Dataone connect from BSNL. The speed is supposed to be 256kpbs, but even though i have an old system P-133mhz the speed is only abt 159-170kpbs. My friends also who have latest configs get the same speed ... Is it beacuse of the provider or what .. Cant understand why so less :(
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