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Any one with a high end gaming rig please post your configs here

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Hi! guys bought a MSI X48C Platinum mobo some days ago and received nothing but frustration from it. It never worked the way it should have. Now that I have returned it, I am looking for a new high end gaming mobo,that supports DDR3 memory and CrossfireX. Any one with a high end gaming rig please post your configs here. Also please tell me if someone possesses the ASUS Maximus Extreme Motherboard. Please post soon.


15.0 GHz
My Bro's config :
Intel Core2 Duo E8500
MSI P45 Neo F
2*2GB DDR2 800MHz
WD 640GB + WD 160GB
NZXT 8E-AHN02-UGB Cabinet
CM 600W
Palit HD 4850
Dell 22" LCD
Creative Inspire 5.1 Speakers
Logitech Cordless Keyboard + Laser Mouse


But somebody had posted that Abit is going to stop manufacturing motherboards:confused:
So is it ok to buy Abit motherboards, what if one needs to get a replacement?


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Arrey if they stop manufacturing so what, their products r still there, and they will continue support till warranty period expires....
and X38 QUAD GT is for xtreme CFX and OC

CFX-Cross Fire X


amd phenom 9550
asus m3a mobo
palit hd 4850
4 gb of transcend 800
seagate 250 hdd + seagate 160 hdd + external 500 e-sata seagate barracuda
cooler master extreme power 600 watts - psu
zebronics casing

viewsonic 22 inch :D


Intel OCer
for ppl to lazy to see my sig:
Intel core2quad Q6600 GO@3.1Ghz + TRUE
intel DG33tl (i know tats lame i wanted to upgrade but cant since its my 12th...will upgrade to nehalem next year)
GeCube HD3870x2 OC edition OCd to 920Mhz clock and 1060Mhz mem.
4 GB transcend ddr2 800
segate 250+250+750..also have a 250 GB ide but its not connected
Tagan BZ700 700W modular PSU
Antec 900 Gaming case
creative 5.1 surround sound
Dell ultrasharp SP2008WFP
Logitech G-15 Gamer keyboard
Genius laser gaming mouse
The poor lad owns this inferior setup.Thou shall not make fun of thy humble lad.
Processor-Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz Stock
Motherboard-ASUS P5N32-E-SLI 680i Nvidia Nforce Chipset Based
GPU-MSI GeForce NX8800GTS 512 G92 SLI
RAM-Trancend 2x2GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM
Hard Disk Drive-Seagate 500GBx2 7200 RPM HDD SATAII 16MB Buffer
Cabinet-Coolermaster Centurian 532
Keyboard-Logitech G15
Mouse-Logitech MX518
Monitor-Samsung SyncMaster 740N LCD,I know it's small but everything works at max!Gonna buy a 20" LCD soon.
PSU-Coolermaster 850W Real Power Pro
Headpones-Some logitech ones.Dunno the name but they are quite commendable.
Gamepad-Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows
Optical Drive-2x Liteon 20x DVD-RW
OS-Vista Ultimate x86

But Crysis and Cysis Warhead still somehow manage to kill this poor baby.

Second one-
Processor-Intel Pendium D 3.0 Ghz
Motherboard-Intel 945 something
GPU-AMD Radeon 3650 512Mb DDR3
RAM-Kingston 2x1GB DDR2 667Mhz
Hard Disk Drive-Seagate 160 GB SATA
Rest all is crappy.


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Me owning this sh1t gaming PC :-

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.4Ghz (underclocked from 2.7Ghz..... it was about to blow.....lol)
MSI 945GCM5FV2 mobo
1x2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM @733MHz
250+640GB HDDs
XFX 8800GT 512MB ADE
Logitech Ex90 Wireless Desktop set
Logitech M30 2.1 speakers
ViewSonic VA1912w 19" monitor.......
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