advice for buying gaming pc(45k-50k)


Right off the assembly line
i'm bit confused about the selection of processor can any one suggest the best config from the given two config's

1.amd fx4100,asus m588 motherboard,sapphire 6850 grapics card i5 processor,mother board:67mle,sapphire 6850 graphics card(the cost exceeds beyond 50k)


Adam young
i will suggest i5 over fx4100 anyday.actually i don't understand your comparison of 6k proccy with 10k-13k is like toms december's config where they added i5 to 600$ and fx6100 in 1200$ and ended up seeing the latter one performing lesser than the first .lol .best comparison is fx8120 with the i5.even then also i may end up in suggesting i5 in present conditions.if you can't afford i5 in your budget than get 955be or 965be they will do justice to your config and money spent.
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