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  1. Shah

    #Code - An Online Compiler for Windows 10 devices

    Looking to learn and explore various programming languages? But don't want to go through the hassle of installing all the development tools? Introducing #Code, an online compiler app that lets you compile your code snippets on the go. With #Code, you can compile code snippets and execute it in...
  2. F

    Can anybody compile a .cpp for me?

    There is a famous OCR soft called Tesseract. In that a small application 'text2image' is very helpful tool. but they are providing direct source code and i don't know how to compile in c or c++.. My problem is i am familiar to vb.net and not c and c++. but still i downloaded dev ++ and tried...
  3. IronCruz

    C programs in Fedora.

    Hello. I've installed Fedora 13 with Windows 7 Host on VM Virtual Box. When i try to compile c/c++,lex and yacc programs, it shows "CommandNot found Error". So what should i do so that i can compile and run those programs?
  4. nims11

    How to compile this thing in windows

    how can i compile this software(pdf2html) in windows. pdftohtml - Browse /pdftohtml/pdftohtml-0.39 at SourceForge.net it has windows binary so i am sure it can be compiled under windows. i have never compiled software sources under windows before so please help me out. cant find useful help...
  5. D

    .f files

    How should I compile .f files?
  6. M

    Need help with compilation of C# programs

    I'm using notepad++. it's an opensource software. how to compile C# programs. suppose i can't compile it using notepad++ suggest alternatives..!:(
  7. U

    How to change class files in jar

    I have a jar file(with all classes), i can decompile it to java file and change according to my requirement , but how can i compile it and include it in my jar. Please tell me a way to do so.
  8. blueshift

    GCC error- help

    1. When I compile using GCC, its giving me error 'cannot find stdio.h...other header files.' Its just a simple hello program that I checked. It used to compile the last time I ran. I checked the directory: /usr/src/linuxheader.../include/asm. There are no stdio.h, stdlib.h header files. What...
  9. G

    C compiler

    I have OpenSUSE11.But did not find "cc" command to compile c programs.How can I compile c programs? Please suggest easiest way.
  10. virus_killer

    can't compile a java program.

    Guys, I have got a java program. its about multi threaded server. i am getting an error message while compiling this program. i have installed JDK 6.0 in my laptop. here how i compile the program. c:\Users\me> javac WebServer.java and this is an error message what i am getting. '...
  11. ╬Switch╬

    Can Visual C++ be used for C?

    Thats the question. Can I compile C programs in the Visual C++ Express IDE ? Thanks.
  12. T

    Anyone using NetBeans IDE

    Can NetBeans IDE be used for compiling simple C++ programs? Whenever I try to compile any C++ program, it says makefile has not been added.
  13. MetalheadGautham

    Wannabe Python Programmer - Please Help !

    Hello Everybody. After studying C when I was 12 in a crash course, learning Visual Basic 6.0 for a tiny period at school(and hating it), studying C++ at school (Turbo C++), experimenting a lot with Glade interface designer by making simple GUIs, and finally trying QT4 for a very short time, I...
  14. baccilus

    Suggest a decent C compiler please(Linux)!

    I had installed Anjuta in my last mint(3.0). Now after updating to Mint 4.0, I got a newer version of Anjuta which I just didn't understand. Couldn't get the program to run or compile or anything. Just installed kdevelop but have trouble understanding the interface. How do I compile and run in...
  15. Amir.php

    java program not run

    i recently installed jdk1.6.0_04 on my winxp system. Any program i compile, they compile succesfully but when i try to run the following error appeares on cammand prompt(please the attachement) . please help. Also please tell me to set path and class path in java.
  16. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Turbo C slows down computer.. ! why !

    when i run turbo C 3 computer slows down.. processor usage is always 100 % when its running.. same in college where they hv pentium 4 and 521 MB RAM what to do now !! which editor to use ! well i can't compile most of my programs in dev C++ its out.. ! example like far is not allowed in there..!
  17. Maverick340

    Sound Problem with Nvdia onboard Sound (hda-intel)

    I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my AMD machine. Its running on a Asus A8N-VM motherboard with a nforce chipset. The audio is NVidia MCP51 onboad sound (rev 2). On the ALSA docs page the driver is given as intel8x0. However when i compile alsa with intel8x0 the sound fails completely. When i...
  18. Ganeshkumar

    Any C Compiler available for Cell phones?

    Hi I think of compiling some mini c programs during move.....:D Is there any software for phones, so that i can type, compile and execute it during move?
  19. R

    Guide me.

    Hi guys,Kernel update in FC6 or F7 install same.i mean all packeges update with new kernel compile is its same of install F7. :-o
  20. nileshgr

    How to compile a .reg file?

    How to compile a .reg file so that i can share my registry hacks wth my frnds? I pmed Vishal Gupta but he has not replied yet.
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