1. Desmond

    Webcomics Thread

    This thread is dedicated to all good webcomics and webcomic series. Let me start off with : 1. Concerned : The Half-Life and Death Of Gordon Frohman A must read for Half-Life fans. One of my favourites by far. URL : Concerned: Comics Index 2. Joy Of Tech This one if...
  2. H

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Game Info | INJUSTICE Boxart: Launch Trailer: * Release Date: April 16/17/19(NA/AU/EU) Developer: NetherRealm Studios. Platforms: PS360U Plot: Confirmed Roster: Aquaman (lol) Ares Bane Batman Black Adam Catwoman Cyborg...
  3. ©mß

    Comic Books

    I wanna know if anyone reads comic book here like any super hero stuff? I have only two comic books :-( Which comics do you read?
  4. Alok

    Big indian comic collection online (for both mobile & pc)

    Hi Comic Lovers!! I found a really big collection of indian comics for online reading. "There are all publisers and all characters , and every character has most of his comics." NO RAPIDSHARE OR BLOG.....;-) free from everywhere. Go check yourself and if you like then reply here...
  5. mithun_mrg

    Crysis comics launched to bridge the story

    Source Comic mini-series to bridge Crysis 2 story Crysis #1 Review - Comics Review at IGN Crysis #1 (0827714002591): Peter Bergting: Books
  6. sygeek


    Post your rage comics here. What are rage comics? Why create rage comics when you can describe your incident detailed with text? Here are some examples: How do I create one? Rules: You can create your own rage comics either online with rage makers or custom created with a paint tool. Be...
  7. Zangetsu

    Raj Comics Fans Discussion Thread

    Hi all :wave: post ur comments on our beloved Raj Comics....:grin:
  8. hjpotter92

    Comics Stolon: An innovation in magazine era

    Comics Stolon, a name for a beautifully and heartily created magazine based solely for Raj Comics. This magazine shall be dealing with every nook and cranny of Raj Comics and its magic. But it all doesn't end here, the magazine shall incorporate into it the arts from the forum user, fans and...
  9. rajivnedungadi

    Need Archie Double Digest Comics

    Hi Suddenly at the age of 32, I have again started getting interested in Archie Comics. I am interested to buy some old Archie Double Digest comics. Is anyone here willing to sell their collection? I am okay with buying in quantities of 10 or even more if the price is reasonable. I have...
  10. Faun

    Kunal Kapoor to play Super Hero Doga !

    Anurag Kashyap is making a new movie and Kunal Kapoor is playing the role of Doga, a super hero character who appears in Raj Comics. Me so likes Raj Comics (I remember my science knowledge and interest, thanks to Dhruva's comics).' Dialogs in Doga's comics were the best thing one can ever...
  11. gaurav_indian

    Kahani comics ki!

    Just like old video games thread. Anyone here who read comics. I used to read comics like Chacha Chaudhary,Biloo,Pinki,Nagraj lol Dhruv,Bankelal,Hawaldar Bahadur.:D :D I still have some in .pdf files.:p
  12. gaurav_indian

    Virgin to unveil Sachin Tendulkar super hero comics!

    * aila :D
  13. A

    Open cbz files

    i want to read some comics that r in cbz format how??
  14. Quiz_Master

    The Rock on Shazam!

    This news is I found on an another Comics forum but found it interesting for WWE fans like me. SOURCE
  15. Quiz_Master

    Comic Book Discussion

    Hey guys as we know all guys here are too techie. But techie guys do read comics don't they?:rolleyes: So I thought why not create a thread where we can share our comic reading experience. Well I am currently reading Ultimate Spiderman Series. I am on #93 issue. And I am really liking it...
  16. mns.saraf

    software to read .CBR format

    can any one suggest me the software to read the comics in .CBR format
  17. aryayush

    All comics related to technology. (Low bandwidth warning - lot of images!)

    Hello! This is going to be a fun thread. I love tech comics and am sure many people here do to. So, post any all the genuinely funny tech comics you come across in this thread for all of us to see. There are a few rules. Please adhere to them! It will be more fun if you do. [list]Please post...
  18. esumitkumar

    Spiderman comics link ???

    can anybody tell where can i download spiderman comics ? one more que how can i add smileys i have downloaded in MSN msgr? thanks
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