1. A

    Which one is the best messaging app for business communication and collaboration?

    Hi everyone! Of late, our company has been looking for a communications tool as there has been some limitation with all the tools that we have used in the past. Recently we came across ALERainbow - a communication and collaboration platform powered by Alcatel-Lucent. This is one communication...
  2. S

    Nextbit Robin mobiles cloud storage

    This 25 nextbit robin going release their handsets in Indian market which have clud storage access No slot for SD, purely based on cloud storage, In order to access cloud it has definitely have net through Data/wifi. What are concerns on this new to indian market.
  3. Vyom

    Best Cloud Storage for storing Pictures

    I think this will be the apt section for this thread. So, I have 110 GB of pics now.. from all sources.. that are important.. I just don't want to rely on external hdd now. So was planning to keep a copy of pics on some cloud service. As per this article on verge, Flickr seems to the best...
  4. S

    Help me for best home cloud networking with high speed file transfer and HD media streaming.

    Please help me for best home cloud networking procedure/hardware items for connecting WD my cloud 4TB, Seagate backup plus 2TB external HDD with USB 2.0, D-link 2750U BSNL broadband modem, My desktop PC, My laptop, my tablet etc. Presently the file transfer speed from and to WD my cloud 4TB is...
  5. sam9s

    sam9s 2nd Rasp Pi Project! Personal Cloud powered by Tonido

    Hi Friends, Sharing with you another Project that I did on Raspberry Pi this weekend. Tonido is a server application that you can install on a Windows, Linux or OSX machine and can have your own personal cloud running in minutes. Tonido Server allows you to access all your files on your...
  6. V

    Only a matter of time before there is a deadly cyber attack?

    This recent blog post shows just how cheap and easy it is remotely detonate something (for just $50US in parts) and even to hack into control systems using free cloud servers and a search engine that can find connected devices? Is this all paranoia or something to be concerned about? The...
  7. kg11sgbg

    A very good alternative to Moto E by XIAOMI: Redmi 1S

    I repent for buying the XOLO Q600s by XOLO,which is nonetheless a very good smartphone/phablet at the budget of ₹7.2k XOLO Q600s is a smart buy for many of us, but the soon to be launching XIAOMI Redmi 1S (probably in Aug'14, next month) is a phenomenal smartphone at ₹6,999 Just look at the...
  8. R

    Intex Firefox Smartphone Announced for less than Rs 2,000

    Intex today announced its association with Mozilla Firefox to bring the world’s most affordable smartphone, Cloud FX, the first Firefox OS device to India Priced in the sub Rs 2000 category, the smartphone will be targeted at first time smartphone users in tier II cities and rural areas and is...
  9. C

    Need Suggestions : Cloud Analytics's ( Big Data ) or Machine Learning or Cloud Architect ?

    Hi folks, I am pursuing a Bachelors in IT and I am currently in my second year of the course, I am really confused about my career path :confused::banghead: , I am dwindling between: Data Science [ Big data : as a data scientist ] Machine Learning and AI Cloud Architect To ease out...
  10. ithehappy

    Any uploading hosts / cloud supports Pause feature?

    As the title asks, are there any uploading hosts or cloud service which supports a 'pause' feature? Is that even possible with uploading? I have tried a few, GDrive, Dropbox, Box etc (I personally use Firedrive), but none of them have it. With an ultra slow upload speed, a pause feature would be...
  11. sahil1033

    New cloud storage service 'copy' offers 20 GB space, for limited period only, HURRY !!

    Get 15 GB on signing up and get additional 5 GB on getting referred, referral link given below * Hurry! Offer valid for a limited period only. P.S. - You get extra 5 GB only when you sign up and install their app on desktop / mobile. EDIT: Don't forget to verify your...
  12. mohit9206

    Intex launches Cloud X3 Jelly Bean smartphone for Rs 3,790

    Intex Technologies announced its strategic alliance with MediaTek with the launch of the Cloud X3 smartphone. The Intex Cloud X3 smartphone sports a modest 3.5-inch display and is a dual-SIM handset. The smartphone comes packed with MT6572, which is the world’s first dual-core chipset which has...
  13. Desmond

    Adobe will no longer roll out Creative Suites...makes it subscription based service instead

    Just a year after launching its $50-per-month plan, Adobe has made its Creative Cloud the only way to get the new versions of its full software suite. Customers "overwhelmingly" prefer it. Source : Adobe kills Creative Suite, goes subscription-only | Business Tech - CNET News A really...
  14. abhinav_bipnesh

    Advice for Cloud drive or NAS

    Hi All, I am looking for cloud drive or an NAS which can be access over internet. So any good choice for the same. The purpose I am looking for is mainly sharing files or access files from remote location. Along with that if possible to host some application primarily ruby on rails...
  15. manistar

    Manage Multiple cloud services from single platform

    With introduction of many cloud storage services like dropbox, Gdrive and Amazon S3, Users can upload their files to cloud storage and use it as personal backup. Even though most of these services are free. We still have few concerns like maintaining multiple accounts and reliability of files...
  16. S

    Offline Downloader?

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if is there any free Offline Download server or a cloud? I mean, if I have a file of like 4GB and I don't have that much disk space on my HD. So I'll download files on that cloud. Then clear the HD or some disk space on some drive, and then download the file on my...
  17. B

    Free 30GB Glide Cloud Online Storage

    Free 30GB Glide Cloud Online Storage Found it to be a good option - Enjoy! Here is the source link - Free 30GB Glide Cloud Online Storage
  18. @

    IaaS [Cloud Computing] Course, Jobs & Future

    A friend of mine completed his BTech in ECE & is in Software Testing field from two years. Now he's planning to switch to Cloud Computing. He got suggestions from friends to go for IaaS since he is from ECE. Moreover he isn't interested in development also. Know any good institutes in...
  19. funskar

    Pirate Bay jumps on a cloud

    The Pirate Cloud So, first we ditched the trackers. Then we got rid of the torrents. Now? Now we've gotten rid of the servers. Slowly and steadily we are getting rid of our earthly form and ascending into the next stage, the cloud. The cloud, or Brahman as the hindus call it, is the...
  20. C

    Will cloud effect network administration. ?

    Hi all, i had done my CCNA Routing and switching and working as a system admin in a small company. Will this experience help me in finding a job on CCNA ( My goal is CCIE R&S ) in coming future. And i heard that cloud computing and data centers will effect on network admin openings, is that...
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