A very good alternative to Moto E by XIAOMI: Redmi 1S


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I repent for buying the XOLO Q600s by XOLO,which is nonetheless a very good smartphone/phablet at the budget of ₹7.2k
XOLO Q600s is a smart buy for many of us, but the soon to be launching XIAOMI Redmi 1S (probably in Aug'14, next month) is a phenomenal smartphone at ₹6,999

Just look at the features and you'll,note what I mean to say.

Source : XIAOMI Redmi 1S

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Use 10 G of free storage space to stash your contacts, photos, videos, and docs in the cloud. Go straight to your cloud at i.xiaomi.com from wherever you are, on whatever device, to read and reply to texts sent to your phone.


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But Getting hands on this phone will be next to impossible for many, since Xiaomi stocks sell out within Minutes.


Latest was Mi3 when Flipkart wend down for 45 min. and very few people were able to place an order. I think total of 10k phone were sold out of 1L registrations


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Definitely good buy but....

Review: Xiaomi Redmi 1S | CMM International

I may book it in second lot if it gets positive feedback
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