Need Suggestions : Cloud Analytics's ( Big Data ) or Machine Learning or Cloud Architect ?


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Hi folks, I am pursuing a Bachelors in IT and I am currently in my second year of the course, I am really confused about my career path :confused::banghead: , I am dwindling between:

  1. Data Science [ Big data : as a data scientist ]
  2. Machine Learning and AI
  3. Cloud Architect

To ease out things, I am strong in the following skills:

  • Research and analysis :reading:
  • Programming Skills
  • Marketing things or selling stuff

To break the ice, I am much more interested in a career which is safe in future, my top pick will be "Data scientist" followed by Cloud Architect.

I want to know if these paths are a mature in India or not :confused:, and will it be an evergreen field :pray:?
Also are there's any certification program or colleges offering a course after grad in India ?.I've googled up and found that only emc india is offering one such course in cloud analytic and Big data, here's the link below :


note : A highly motivated individual with similar interest :high5: or is in one of these particular field :hyper:will be much appreciated.

Thankyou for your precious time.:wave:
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