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  1. gdebojyoti

    Sleep or hibernate results in shut down | Windows 10 laptop

    Last month I upgraded my laptop's OS from Windows 8.1 to 10. Everything was running smoothly. Then last week when I was trying to start up my laptop, an error came up stating that it couldn't boot (unfortunately I cannot recall the exact error message). Options such as 'Startup Repair' didn't...
  2. Sarath

    Bank newb with many queries :)

    I have only started taking active interest in banking activities and want to know more about NEFT. I got as much information as I could from my Dad but I think there is a little more I still don't understand. I hope I will find answers to my simple queries here. 1. Does NEFT have timing...
  3. N

    why is thread closed ?

    http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/fight-club/144451-6950-vs-560ti-epic-battle.html above thread is closed...why ? "Fight Club" is to debate and unless there is no offensive language used , whats the point in closing this thread ?
  4. W

    Down With Closing of Threads

    Hi, I would like to draw the attention of the Forum members to the fact that Threads in This Forum Should not be Closed. I seriously don't like the 'Closing' of any thread. This forum has a huge amount of valuable information and a lot of them are still usable. A lot can be added/updated. It...
  5. Zangetsu

    Game you are addicted to is closed.

    The thread is closed now.:cry: Mods please post the reason for its closing.
  6. C

    Facebook Not Closing Down

    Facebook not closing !!!!!!!!!!! SOURCE - Facebook Not Closing or Shutting Down! More from Source Facebook Not Closing or Shutting Down!
  7. H

    virus problem

    sometimes on my pc dial up connections box. automatically opens. i find that it closed by deleting this process jusched.exe . is my pc infected with virus. also after closing this process again dial up box opened after sometime. again suggest me a cheap paid,good antivirus.:-D
  8. T

    will more use decrease system performance?

    i use my lappi abt 2 to 4 day without closing means continuous. will it effect system performance
  9. SenthilAnandh

    Help Needed in Upgrading and Solving Problems in Old Pc

    Hi Guys, I am having a very old PC Intel P4 1.8 GHZ Mercury Mobo with intel 845GL chipset. (1AGP, 2PCI slot) 64 MB Intel 845GL integrated video card 256 MB DDR ram (2 DDR, 2 SDR SLOT) 80 GB IDE HD Samsung DVD writer 17" SAMSUNG crt monitor I was having a plan of buying a new pc this...
  10. din

    'waiting for broadband' chapter is over :)

    May be some senior members out here remember my site and problem ! For others - I was waiting for broadband for a long time. Anyway I am very happy to tell you I got broadband just now. Thank you very much for all the support given by you so far. I am closing down the website as the...
  11. Vivek788

    Yahoo! Photos Closing

    Hey I got a strange mail saying Yahoo! photos is closing and will be supported till october some date only,so please move onto Flickr.That too,there is a direct link to transfer all your photos in Yahoo to Flickr. I was surprised that nothing about this was posted here.I would like to know if...
  12. iMav

    closing media player

    for the past few days im facing this weird problem .. evrytime i close wmp the player closes but the audio of the song/vid playing before closing continues to play and i have to end task from the task manager :confused:
  13. Ankur Mittal

    ncrease your WEI score... manually! (performance index), Windows Experience Index

    Navigate to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore\xxxx-xx-xx xx.xx.xx.xxx Assessment.WinSAT.xml. Open it with notepad. Approximately one 'paragraph' down, you will see listings between the 'winspr' tags. These listings include 'system score', 'memoryscore', 'cpuscore', 'cpusubaggscore'...
  14. R

    firefox remain active in windows task manager after closing

    I open only 1 firefox window & when I close yet I see multiple entries in task manager even after closing the firefox. using latest FF Could it be due to some hostile extension? I found this link & trying to scan the system http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox.exe_always_open
  15. M

    DVD Drive not reading CD DVDs.. plz help..

    Guys.. DVD drive(SOny) is not reading any CD or DVD...... Tray is opening as well as closing properly.. but no readng of CDs nd DVDs
  16. abhi_shake

    Removing icons from taskbar

    Some programs on closing, minimize to the taskbar. I want the program to keep on running and NOT show in the taskbar... or anywhere on the screen. Is there any way to do that??
  17. White`Knight

    DvD`s not working on player....

    Hi guys.. I recently bought a new HP Dvd writer.. I burnt a couple of Dvd`s on it.. They are playing fine on the DVD ROM but they are not readable on the DVD Player.. I tried closing the sessions/low writing speed/chngin the brand.. Nothings working... Chcks the player comatibility as...
  18. P


    Hi guys, Is there any extension in firefox which opens all the tabs with the same sites evenafter closing the firefox window like opera. Please help. :?
  19. mAYHEM

    Nokia 7710

    I want to know is there any way of closing applications in Nokia 7710.Is there any software which can help closing app in tha taskmanager.Thx
  20. P

    Firefox Does'nt "Warn" on Closing

    In Firefox Options,I have the "Warn on Closing a Window with Multiple Tabs Open" Chckbox,Checked.Even Then I Don't get the Warning message while Closing Firefox.It Simply Closes. Sometimes I have Accidentally Clicked on the Close Button and the Browser Just Closes.Thank God I Have Session Saver...
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