1. Desmond

    Govt. planning to shutdown Air India, MTNL and HMT among other Public Sector Undertakings.

    Synopsis: Five public sector undertakings (PSUs) will be closed down by the government, which has included some of the best known state-run enterprises like Air India, MTNL and Hindustan Shipyard, in the list of 65 sick PSUs, Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Source: Govt to shut down Air...
  2. ashis_lakra

    [Want to Buy] WaterCooler

    Hi Guys, Looking for a used watercooler for cpu of any make preferably under warranty. SVG-tech coolers will also do, but since company is closed, so warranty is void. PM me your offers.
  3. K

    Issue with tabs in Chrome

    Hi All, I have been facing some strange issue while using chrome. When i have multiple tabs opened, say like 10 tabs..if i close the first or second tab (or the tabs in the beginning), the some of the other tabs get closed automatically (mostly the tabs at the end). When i close a tab in the...
  4. K

    Advice needed on voltage stabilizer for APC UPS

    thread closed
  5. M

    The "shiva" thread :pray:

    someone closed the offtopic thread, lets do some :pray: ing here :pray:
  6. K

    Locked Win 7 & Surprised to see that it's been restarted after login

    This has happened about 3 times now if not more than that. The Issue is: I just locked the system using win+L. When I came back, the screen is alright waiting for me to enter password. After entering the password, it should resume from where I left last, right? But surprisingly, I see all...
  7. Desmond

    Disney closing LucasArts

    Looks like no more Star Wars games from now on. Source
  8. I

    Omega parallel printer cable assembly 45 feet

    For Sale ! Sold in another place.Thread Closed. Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Omega Parallel Printer Cable Assembly 45 Feet Expected Price: Rs 1100/- Including Shipping Charges Time of Purchase: 2010-Purchased in Malaysia. Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining...
  9. S

    motorola shutting shop in india

    after months of speculation and rumors its almost official. they have closed their indian website and are wrapping up operations. more here and here
  10. Hustlerr

    Looking for SMITE closed Beta Keys...

    Can anyone help me out ? :???:
  11. ashutosh_jain

    Should Big Boss be closed.

    While surfing the net few days, I noticed a thread which demanded serials like Big boss to be closed down as they show vulgar contents and leave a bad effect on the public.... What you think about this guyz.... Here is the link of that thread...
  12. avinandan012

    welcome to liquid cooling by NZXT

    closed loop coolers by NZXT Release. The. Kraken.
  13. TheSloth

    Connection lost at the last moment

    Me and my friend tried to play fifa08. He has a desktop and wi-fi and i have a laptop. I connected through wireless LAN. Then i created a session in fifa08. He joined and we both selected our team. After clicking on 'advance to game' the game loaded and at last 'connection lost' came. What is...
  14. D

    Free Dota 2 invites!

    Guys quick. Get the dota2 beta key if you don't have one already. Dota 2 Closed Beta Invite Key
  15. Z

    Gaming center hardware advice

  16. axes2t2

    Warface - Crytek's online F2P shooter Crytek has announced that it’s now accepting closed beta applications for its CryEngine3 powered free-to-play shooter Warface. Players can now sign up for a chance to reserve their Warface ID early. Developed by Crytek, Warface is a military first-person shooter that features...
  17. expertno.1

    List Of Filehosts Affected Due To Megaupload Takedown

    source List Of Filehosts Affected Due To Megaupload Takedown - TechEnclave
  18. Siddharth_1

    EA Servers Forum

    I am unable to connect to the EA servers for Medal of Honour Heroes 2 through my PSP. Are the EA servers now closed for MOHH2? If not then please tell some solution. Thank You in advance.
  19. N

    why is thread closed ? above thread is closed...why ? "Fight Club" is to debate and unless there is no offensive language used , whats the point in closing this thread ?
  20. bubusam13

    [SOLVED] Anyboby with Networking concept HELP

    Anybody CCNA or Having good networking concept, pleases explain me this. The green are the answers. But how, am not able to solve it. I got the solution..... You can mark the topic closed..... thanks
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