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  1. Cool G5

    System Unbootable : No Display, No Post!

    Everything was fine and all of a sudden my system does not boot. There is no POST beep and nor display(Monitor goes in standby mode). Opening the cabinet revealed, all the fans spinning. I have a doubt, the CPU fan is spinning at a slower speed. In troubleshooting, I did the following; 1) Clean...
  2. Pratik Pawar

    New RAM Problems.. Urgent Help required..

    Just today I bought a new 4gb DDR3 RAM module, as I wanted to Upgrade it. previously I had 2 RAMs of 1gb each, DDR2. but when I replaced the RAM, the PC just wont start, when switched on the main power button on the cabinet, a long beep sounds, no signal on lcd, automatically switches itself...
  3. G

    How often to open up your cabinet ?

    So today I opened up my pc, took out all parts & cleaned out the dust & there was a lot of it, I do this around every 3 months for about the last one year, since I upgraded to this rig. I don't really like taking off the cpu fan, The time before I had some trouble putting it on back, This time...
  4. J

    idle temperature of graphic card 75-80c

    i dont know what happen to my sapphire 6970 ,till past week it was alright but now the temperature has increased to 82 degree.i had cleaned the graphic card and the cabin but nothing happen .im afraid of playing any game due to temperature
  5. RCuber

    Cleaned My PC + Xonar ST shots

    So I cleaned my PC, did some long waited cable management. here are some pics .. Before - A messy wire and loads of dust!! After - Far better ASUS Xonar ST That's the max I could achieve in cable management (sort of :rolleyes: ) Config: Intel Core i5 2400 Intel DH67BL 2...
  6. M

    Computer freezing after startup.............

    This morning my computer freezed after couple of minutes of logging in .I have windows 7 64bit OS.This happened 4-5 times.After that i opened my case and cleaned it.Since then its fine.I was wondering what might have caused the problem.
  7. shirazhansen

    Help!! FREEZING Computer!!

    Help!! FREEZING Computer!! [SOLVED] My computer freezes randomly, sometimes a few minutes after startup and sometimes a few hours after startup. This is what i've been able to deduce so far with my not-so-great tech knowledge. - I have XP, Vista and 7 on the same PC, and the freeze occurs...
  8. A

    help regarding ASUS eeePC 1001HA

    i have an 11 months old upgraded eeepc(2gb ram and 500gb HDD. i use it mainly for downloading files. Recently, the fan started makin a lot of sound, hence i got it cleaned with compressed air. But, again it started makin sounds. any help is highly appreciated. Thank You
  9. Jaskanwar Singh

    Printer giving out blank papers!!!!!

    i have HP DESKJET F2235 all-in-one. whenever i print something, the printer gives out blank papers:!: the cartridges are full and i even cleaned out their contacts. i restarted the printer, but still the same problem comes. please help.:-(:-(:-(
  10. G

    Huh... Got stuck

    :confused: My monitor is not working even though the pc starts :cry: monitor just blinks its indicator led. I cleaned my cpu, gpu etc....
  11. eggman

    The Best Screen cleaned I've ever used.

    Hi Guys. I had a very dirty laptop screen , mainly because people in my hostel mishandled it. There were some permanent marks I though will never go, unless I used this amazing screen cleaned. Screen Cleaner Use It daily
  12. g_goyal2000

    Replace chipset fan with new fan/heatsink

    Hi. I recently cleaned my computer. I also cleaned the chipset fan for dirt. But after starting the computer, the fan has started making too much noise. When I power on the computer, initially for 1-2 seconds, the chipset fan makes no noise but then starts making a loud noise. What could have...
  13. vandit

    prob with 6681

    hi guys...I have a new 6681..I cant figure out why it keeps restarting so often>??? well I caught 3 virusses from it and cleaned them...is this prob due to viruses. or does 6681 have a problem
  14. P

    start up problem on win xp pro sp 2

    first time when i start my pc, it takes two false with a 'ting' sound and on third attempt it starts. i m using P4 2.4 with 256 SD RAM 350 watt Power Supply with combo and floppy drive only. i have cleaned my system for dirt. even removed the RAM and cleaned it. but no result. pl help.
  15. P

    Virus Help!!!

    bout 2 weeks ago my computer got infected with the W32/Brontok.O.worm and then i scanned my computer using Panda antivirus 2007 (updated) and it showed that all the infected files had been cleaned. but everyday i keep getting pop ups saying that the virus was detected and cleaned. and when i run...
  16. A

    computer not switching on

    help me guys.... when i switch my comp,the cpu is getting switched on but it is giving a beep sound but the monitor is getting switched on.. i think it is a ram pblm.. i even cleaned the ram slots and the ram with a cloth but no use.....
  17. a_to_z123

    Nokia Series 60 Virus

    Hey recently my friend's Nokia 6600 got attacked by a virus which I've heard abt somewhere. What is does is this: It switches on the Bluetooth in the handset and starts sending MMs and SMS to all the no's in the phonebook. And moreover it doesn't show that Bluetooth is switched on and it also...
  18. zegulas

    Weird Problem!!!

    Theres a weird problem with my pc, it was working fine till i thought of taking out the vaccum cleaner and cleaning the whole pc, i opened the cabinet and took off the hdd's ide cables, cleaned the cab and closed. But when i tried to boot the pc it gave me the boot failure error. I thought it...
  19. M

    6 year old 44x CD-ROM Blues .....

    I have an AMD K6-2 350Mhz, 128MB Ram and a 44X CD-ROM. I had installed Windows XP Home Edition on an NTFS partition as a trial. After 30 days, which required activation. I formatted back to FAT32 and installed good ol' Windows 98 SE. But now my CD-ROM is acting wierd. I reads all types CD's...
  20. escape7

    CD not functioning! :(

    My CD rom is not working. I checked in the control pannel & it shows this device is working properly? I got it checked and cleaned but nothing happened. Help me out :(
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