1. S

    Buying headphones in 2k budget

    Hi guys, I want to buy a headphone without mic in 2k budget. I am bit confused between Sony MDR-XB450 and JBL T250SI. If you think there is some other product better than these two then do tell me. I usually listen to instrumentals with good bass or classic rock. Thanks in advance.
  2. P

    Life without apps?

    One fine morning discover you have no apps on your smartphone:shock: The day start with the classic alarm clock which would need you to get up and stop. Snooze, Alarm repeat, ringtone function didn't exist anymore. Carry your good old dairy to maintain the dates, meeting tasks, birthday...
  3. Desmond

    Classic PC games on the Internet Archive

    The Internet Archive, the website that is dedicated to maintaining an archive of every website in existence, also has a section dedicated to curating and sharing classic PC games from the days gone by. * Here you can download your favourite classics...
  4. Knight2A4

    Classic Games

    * * *
  5. Gollum

    Suggest the Best mp3 Player price no bar

    I already have an iPod Classic 160 6th Gen. and not happy with it. So fireaway :-)
  6. s18000rpm

    Codemasters F1 2013 game: to feature retro 80s and 90s cars and classic circuits

    F1 2013 versions at a glance Release date: TBC (Autumn) Formats (both editions): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC F1 2013: Classic Edition Limited edition release 1980s pack – ten former drivers including Mansell, Andretti and Berger with more to be announced, five classic cars...
  7. Theodre

    Gnome 3.8 Released!!

    The GNOME Desktop Environment which is one of the most popular DE in the linux community have released their latest version 3.8. The latest version comes with a lot of improvements (ofcourse :) ) One of the main focus being the privacy and one of the main change being the applications showing...
  8. T

    Best 5.1 Speakers for 1 Lakh

    I'm about to buy a new audio system for my Living room. My living room is large (700 sqft). I have no idea which one to buy. I had planned to buy a DENON AV receiver and Energy Take classic 5.1 6 months ago but Energy take classic doesn't seemed to be available right now. So I've increased...
  9. C

    Classic ASP in IIS8 on Windows 8

    Hello, I am a XII std. IT student. In out IT syllabus, unfortunately there is only classic asp with vbscript. For running the programs I installed IIS 8 but whenever I try to run any asp file, I get this error 500. I tried using the same file on IIS 5 on VMWare and Win XP, it runs perfectly...
  10. A

    Nokia 3500 Classic and Yahoo mssger

    Dear Friend, I have old Nokia 3500 CLASSIC and I have activated GPRS on it . From Web all websites are opening but not yahoo messanger (yahoo Go!) .I want to use this yahoo messanger while I select county ..It says "Yahoo ! Go configuration failed.Please restart Yahoo!Go.... What can be done to...
  11. hjpotter92

    Capture Screenshot in Media Player Classic (With Subs)

    I want to get screen-shots in my Media Player Classic. Here are the settings I am using: I read the info here( Screenshots - BakaBT Wiki ), and added DirectVobSub in my external filter. But I couldn't/wouldn't Make sure that FFDShow Video Decoder's subtitle option is not enabled...
  12. mailshobhon

    Ipod classic from grey market in bangalore

    please suggest me any grey market from bangalore to buy an iPod classic 160 gb
  13. M

    Indian F1 Tickets - Practice / Qualifying

    Got these Indian F1 tickets which I can provide - Day 1: Practice - Rs. 1,000/ticket No. of Tickets - 10 Stand - Classic Stand 1 East Car Park Ticket - 2 Nos. - Rs. 500 each Day 2: Practice / Qualifying - Rs. 1,500/ticket No. Of Tickets - 5...
  14. Jaskanwar Singh

    GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 4

    read about it - GIGABYTE Ultra Durableâ„¢ 4 Classic webpage
  15. P

    iPod Nano Classic (3rd Gen) gone kaput....What to do?

    hi guys, I have an ipod nano classic 3rd gen and disconnected it without ejecting....i have tries the solutions after googling and to no avail..... any suggestions? thanx in advance.
  16. MetallosaurusRex

    New iPod Classic coming up?

    Went to the iStore here in Pune to enquire about the iPod Classic 160GB. They said they're not getting it since 3-4 months. Probably a new release is coming up. NOW, I have asked one of my frens in the US to get one for me. Anybody has any idea/leak into what will be the new features in the...
  17. NewsBytes signs on EA; Adds 25 classic titles

    For those who are still unaware of this gem of a website, or Good Old Games is a digital distributor of old, classic PC games. One of's unique aspects is their promise to deliver every game completely DRM free! currently has major publishers such as...
  18. gagan007

    Sound Problem with Media Player Classic

    Media Player Classic which comes bundled along with K-Lite media codecs used to be my favorite player. But after one latest upgrade it has started behaving rather annoyingly. If any kind of movie/clip/video file is played (wait I have checked only divx (avi), mkv and mpg files only, I need to...

    vlc doest play mss2 codec

    i downoaded some tutorials bt when i play them in vlc i only can hear the voice and not the video. i tried in mediaplayer classic too any way to make work of mss2 codec?
  20. killerz

    Apple iPod Touch 4G 8gb (7 days old) and iPod Classic 120 GB

    [closed] iPod Classic 120 GB SOLD 1. *Model number and details: 1.) iPod Classic 120GB Mint condition , very less used. no scratches , with screen guard & back guard applied. With all accessories - original apple earphones, box ,dock. Free Black Case with flap and Free Crystal Case...
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