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Life without apps?

One fine morning discover you have no apps on your smartphone:shock:

The day start with the classic alarm clock which would need you to get up and stop. Snooze, Alarm repeat, ringtone function didn't exist anymore.

Carry your good old dairy to maintain the dates, meeting tasks, birthday reminders.

Ohh camera > pictures > Facebook updates > Instagram update all a miss.

Off course Wechat/ Whatsapp - sending a text, emoticon, gossips, news, planning, groups, good night and good morning images will be gone.

Which app will you miss the most?


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The Vagrant Seeker
none. that day i would feel much light, as if a heavy load had been unloaded off my mind (though can't say how will it be after a few days have gone by).

p.s. - i don't use any socialising app other than whatsapp, and am still in the habit of taking notes on paper as well. :)


Cyber Genius FTW
apps are overrated and useless unless you have geniune use for it
I cant do without whatsapp because of work,social life,studies etc
all other apps are more or less unnecessary for me


there are almost everything available from internet... why you need app for that??? browser (inbuilt) can do all the things..


Lost in speed
None. I only use my mobile for games and a little bit of whatsapp. Even if a person install n+ apps in the mobile, how many will he use daily? maybe 1-2.
An app is just a virtual compass to our directional needs of our daily life.
Even if you lose your compass, you can still find the directions via the good old ways of seeing the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west.


Apps are not built as that useful so we can live without apps easily..
We can't live without mobile... but there is not a single milestone set by any app to spend your life with..


Geek in making
Even though my life depends a lot on apps but that doesn't mean that i can't live without it.


life without apps, eh ?? it'll be pretty hard, i guess...If you had asked me this question about 2 years back, i would've replied : " I have a Nokia 1600..i don't give a damn about apps. :D :p "


people living without their loved ones, they thought they can't live without them so pfftt apps :lol:

technology guy but not slave to technology. :lol:


Hi there!

Newbie here in digit.

I think i would miss the basic apps in my device.

Basic Apps i need:

Calculator - sudden need of calculating anything
Notebook function - any basic app that can enable me to write important stuff like ideas.
Clock - as i don't have a wrist watch :D
Google Maps - super handy in finding places.

*Game Apps - always a good thing but not a priority like the top list


Right off the assembly line
life without apps is to boring bcz i used whats app to tok with friends bt without app Even though my life depends a lot on apps but that doesn't mean that i can't live without it;-)


Broken In
Tech / Apps are useful and provide a major convenience for everyday living in general but not something I can't live without =))
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