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  1. rickenjus

    Airtel introduces combo STV offering unlimited calling and 4G data in Delhi circle

    Source :laughing_NF::laughing_NF::laughing_NF:
  2. H

    Which Cabinet Circle CC 830 or Antec GX 300?

    Hi All, My current config is listed in my signature. Want to buy a cabinet, short listed Circle CC 830 Red for Rs. 4000 and 3 years warranty and Antec GX 300 for Rs. 3500 but with no warranty. So should I get the circle or the antec. Regards, hawx
  3. rickenjus

    Reliance launches Rs. 499 offers 30GB 3G + 30GB 2G pack

    Source Looking too good to be true.. ??!!!
  4. N

    Is it possible to port mobile number from BSNL (Up West) to Airtel Delhi&NCR circle?

    Is it possible to port mobile number from BSNL (Up West) to Airtel Delhi&NCR circle?
  5. sahil1033

    2G/3G users of Bihar/Jharkhand circle

    This is a thread for discussion regarding 2G/3G connections for users of Bihar/Jharkhand circle. We can discussion on anything regarding 2G/3G connection, let it be, speed, problem in connection, APN, plans, loopholes etc. Feel free to post your opinion/problem here and the posts should be like...
  6. sahil1033

    Any airtel 3G Rs. 655/755/855/955/1255/1555 user of Bihar/Jharkhand circle?

    I've some query regarding these plans, please post here if you're using any of the above plans or you've used any of the above plans in Bihar/Jharkhand circle recently. EDIT: Anyone who sees this thread and knows any airtel 3G user of Bihar/Jharkhand circle, please refer this thread to your...
  7. bestpain

    have to buy keyboard

    hello need a keyboard under rs 400........will be gaming. Circle C-27 Slim USB Multimedia Keyboard - Circle: Flipkart.com 2.HOW MANY YR WD PROVIDE WARRANTY FOR HDD?
  8. cacklebolt

    Need Review about Circle company

    My friend and me were discussing about PSUs and he mentioned a company called Circle which makes PSUs and cabinets. He repeatedly kept saying that they make good products.Am listing their website.Please provide a review. website And I forgot to mention their website and products looks...
  9. JojoTheDragon

    Choosing a 3G SIM [Assam]

    I need a 3g sim to use with my ipad. My circle is Assam, Guwahati.I would appreciate feedback on the various 3g SIM providers and best value packs and network quality in my circle. My network usage will be nothing more than casual browsing and streaming a video or two , and reading mangas, and...
  10. A

    [Help] Stuck at Welcome logo

    Yesterday while playing EFLC , the current went and UPS is weak so the PC shut down and restarted.. no problems at all. Again today same thing happened but now, the booting up stops at windows logo where a circle spins beside the Welcome text.. the circle stops spinning and there is no response...
  11. theserpent

    Witcher 2 Not launching

    After updating my witcher 2 to the latest patch 2.1,It after launchings it just stuck it that circle symbol :cry:??How do i play it now??Yes,it is orignal
  12. N

    G+ Guide

    Ok folks, many of you are now on G+ and actually few of them are very confused and i see a lot of n00b questions as they have not watched introductory videos of G+. Here is my attempt to slove those commonly asked questions, esp about privacy , messaging and circles. for gods sake read the...
  13. T

    Google+ Privacy

    Dear Friends, Got into a very weired situation today! In my G+ 1 guy has added me to his circle and the most interesting part is, we both do not know each other!! What I had to do: 1.: I was forced to add him to my CIRCLE. 2.: Then I wrote him a Private Message with the + sign...
  14. G

    Mobile Internet Plans

    Hello friends, Can you give me the latest internet plans including rates speeds and if there is download limits for Bihar Circle for both CDMA and GSM. We have good signal strength from Airtel, Tata Docomo, Reliance, MTS.
  15. VarDOS

    GFX Card for Moderate Gaming!

    Budget = 6 - 6.5k MAX. Current rig Specs CPU : C2D E4500 Motherboard : Intel D946GZis RAM : 3GB DDR2 667MHz Monitor : SAMSUNG Sync Master 17" @ 1280 x 720, BUT Going to get 32"HDTV I've 450W Circle PSU. I will be using it for Casual Gaming and To view HD Movies On HDTV so HDMI is...
  16. rajwansh2003

    DCC Ranchi

    Every one From Ranchi or in circle of JHARKHAND
  17. Crazykiller

    Vidyamandir Help!!!!

    I just received my Vidyamandir Admission Test Result which has really confused me. Please Help This is the page (sort of??) which i get when i enter my roll no. and birth date. What does it exactly mean?? I think that since IIT Study Circle is working in collabrotaion with VMC, so the...
  18. Charley

    Which Software to do this

    Which software will allow me to circle, point using arrow, etc. Here is an image, so you know what I am looking for.
  19. Chandal

    Please Please Please Help!!!

    I have darkened the wrong circle of my name in the title page of my CBSE chemistry booklet today. I have showed it to the superintendent and he corrected it by using a whitener and Idarkened the right circle again. Will it lead to cancellation of my paper. Please Please help me. I am really...
  20. A

    Unlimited GPRS, BSNL West Bengal Telecom Circle

    Is there any promo for using Unlimited GPRS/Mobile_to_pc_connect on BSNL West Bengal Telecom Circle? If yes how much it cost?
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