Help me choosing 14 inch laptop


Right off the assembly line
please help me urgent on choosing 14 inch laptop under 42k, it should handle some basic games such as counter strike and NFS,no high end games, along with solid performance and good in multitasking.

Gateway ID47(this this worth buying ?)
Toshiba R845
Asus U36SD(Runs hot ?)
Lenovo U400(not yet available)
Lenovo Y470

Do you guys have any other suggestion then the above listed in the given price range. Please help me urgently as i am going to buy a laptop on coming saturday


tech savy.. :D
the gateway also luks fyn but i dont know which config u are talking about..consider the dv4(best option in terms of GPU)...


Right off the assembly line
I actually dont want to go on Hp's way. DV4 has got a plastic lid which i dont want. i would prefer a aluminium lid over it.

how is MSi service in India. are they good built laptops ? heard lots of good about msi x460dx. what u guys think ? OR should i go with sony if not lenovo listed above ?
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