Need help choosing a macbook

Need a little help choosing a macbook. I am a designer. Uses usual adobe stuffs like Photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver etc, couple of text editors, a web server, browser with 5-10 tabs simultaneously on a dual monitor setup.

wondering whether to go for the 8 GB (2.0Ghz i7, mid 2013) or 16GB (2.2ghz i7, 2014) macbook pro.


Why do I smell SAGER/CLEVO from XoticPC

Not only theirs, but MSI and Lenovo laptops also come with 4k screens and global warranty. Sager/Clevo offers them at the lowest price though.

PS: 4K>> native Retina resolution on Macbook Pro 15".
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@Thread opener, If you want a MacBook, err, I would say, subjectively that any hardware you decide to buy will be enough, except for that webserver part, which may benefit from extra ram, and that will also help in future proofing your investment. And don't go for 4K laptops(WinTel), yet, because Microsoft fails in making a OS which can scale content(even though they have experience with high resolution mobile devices).
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