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  1. abhijit_reddevil

    Recharge options for Tata Sky DTH

    Hello friends, Tata Sky has done it again and increased the prices of the channel packages. Latest being increasing the HD access fee directly from Rs.125 p.m. to Rs. 175 p.m. In the last six months or so, they have kept on increasing the package prices My Base Pack (supreme sports kids)...
  2. nac

    Suggest DTH...

    I pretty much don't have a clue. I really think, the cable connection we have is good enough. But my folks are insisting to buy a DTH for quite sometime. So hear here goes my hunt for a DTH. We just pay Rs. 100/- and get to see a lot of channels. About 50 regional channels (including, movies...
  3. Cool Buddy

    A new DTH Connection in West Bengal - Airtel of Videocon?

    I wish to take a new DTH connection in West Bengal (Kolaghat). I am very confused about the packages offered by various providers. I don't want to take TATA Sky because of their HD Access fees policy which forces me to pay Rs. 125 even if I want to watch just one HD channel. I was leaning...
  4. tamatarpakoda

    Mobile streaming services anyone

    1. Do any of you guys watch streaming videos on your phones? 2. To be more specific, we all have access to Youtube but when it comes to TV channels do you use any service to access live TV streams? 3. How much of your monthly data usage goes towards video streaming?
  5. A

    Which CAble Operator services are good

    Hello, I need help for buying a new cable tv connection.I don't know anything about this.I'm basically from delhi and will use this cable on a old big type Videocon 21 inch TV.I am looking for around 2000 Rs. Cable connection.I will buy a LCD or LED tv in near future.If it will come with a...
  6. SaiyanGoku

    Questions regarding local cable TV channels

    So, lately some tv channels are broadcasting advertisements for the consumers of cable TV to submit their subscriber application form and list of the channels they want to watch. the ad features some female protagonists from Indian daily soaps. My question is, can one un-subscribe from all...
  7. rohitshakti2

    Free to air channel and setup of free Dish for viewing free channels.

    Hi friends I want to know which are the free to air channels in North India and from where can we buy dish for viewing these channels & at what cost? Secondly, please also tell if Aaj Tak TEZ is in the list of free to air channels.
  8. rero

    Recommend ONLY mobo + cpu + ram for 1080p playback

    Need ONLY: 1] Motherboard 2] CPU 3] RAM for smooth/continuous 1080p playback using PotPlayer @ 1920x1080 resolution, Win7 32bit. What I already have: 1] Corsair 750TX 2] Zotac GT610 2GB Syergy Ed. 3] CM Hyper 212 EVO HSF 4] BenQ G2222HDL 21.5" LED monitor Budget: As low as possible :D...
  9. CommanderShawnzer

    Good Youtube Gaming Channels

    This is a thread to post links to any good youtube gaming channels Here are a couple from me Boogie2998 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhmSypE9AqY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg8Zjw3cPIM AngryJoeShow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5PIIOY2KS4...
  10. cute.bandar

    Questions regarding airtel digitalTV

    I am thinking of taking airtel digitaltTV with HD+ (recorder with pen drive) 1. will HD+ connection work with a SD TV ? TV upgrade will be later. 2. Can I choose SD channels pack with an HD connection ? or do I have to take HD channels ? 3. what is the exact rate for SD channel pack (mega)...
  11. ithehappy

    What is my AirTel Digital TV subscription pack exactly?

    This is just three months I have been using ADTV, but I never quite figured out what my base pack is. I have a HD STB, and initially I wanted to have the Mega pack as SD (Rs.350 p.m) and HD Plus top-up (Rs.175 p.m). And on first month they said they will give HD channels free, so I didn't have...
  12. rohitshakti2

    WTB Set Top Box, Which Company is Better Tata Sky / Dish / Reliance or Any Other?

    I am having 3 TVs at home. One is CRT, one is plasma and last one is full HD TV. I want to know which service provider is giving better service at lesser prices. My preference TV channels are Sony, Colours, Star +, Hindi & English movie channels and some free news channels are the major...
  13. eduku

    Which HD DTH is best suited for me?

    I am getting a new HD DTH connection(normal HD Box NOT HD Recorder), probably tomorrow. But I still can't decide between Airtel, Videocon and Tata Sky. My requirements are low monthly cost, good PQ and good service. Working well in the rain is also critical... Since I want to keep monthly...
  14. Allu Azad

    Pay to View Youtube

    YouTube Blog: New ways to support great content on YouTube Do you think people will pay to watch contents in youtube ?
  15. sandynator

    Best 22 inch or 24 inch LED around 15k INR

    Guys need your help in choosing the best 22 OR 24 inch LED urgently before the Blackout in metros. Budget strictly around 15k & size not more than 24 inch as it will be fitted into wall cabinet. At present the connection will be through digital cable [cisco STB box] Usage will be bare...
  16. Ironman

    Which DTH should i take , i am confused !

    Please advice a DTH service that is good and have the best bang for the buck my family needs about these channels: Science HD,NG, Discovery, Colors, HBO, Star Movies , Movies Now,Fox Traveller , Travel XP ,Tens Sports , Star Sports, All Kids Channels , All Bengali Channels,Natgeo Wil ...
  17. nseries73

    Tata sky hd 2 videocon d2h hd

  18. Subro

    Should I go with Airtel Digital tv?

    I intend to buy Airtel digital tv. After going through the various channel packages offered by various Dth companies, I chose the Economy Sports pack by Airtel at 275 /month. All I want to know is that how is the service quality of Airtel in Madhya Pradesh? How is the picture quality offered by...
  19. A

    Best Hi End 46-48' LED in India

    Hi All, What is the best HiEnd LED 46-48' LED TV which is available in india for price below 90k. 3D feature is not important as in india we dont have the 3D channels. It should have all new features, support of playing all formats of movies. Best sound quality. Thanks, Harsha
  20. A

    HD Channels!!!!

    I recently bought a LG 32LM6400 3D TV in the hope that the HD TV will increase my viewing pleasure. But only some channels show extraordinary picture quality, why is that happening?
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