1. Hrishi

    Suggestion Regarding Certifications and Career Planning.

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  2. TheLetterD

    Oracle JAVA Course vs C#+ASP+SQL Course @NIIT

    Hello Im planning to study Computer Science abroad for which Ive dropped a year(A Gap Year) to research Colleges, Give my SAT exams, my IELTS, and cover up on my Extra Circular that I missed on in the last 2 years of PCM Science (Non Medical) :) I went to NIIT yesterday to find out about their...
  3. RCuber

    Microsoft Certification Opinion

    I was thinking about doing a certifications. I'm basically a .NET developers and I need certification for advances in my career. there are MCTS, MCSD and some older certifications. MCSD is more suited for next gen technologies, but I haven't worked on those. I read that MCTS would be retired...
  4. Kulz

    Linux certifications

    Hi, I am a 2011 grad and have recently joined an IT firm. I wanted to know whether doing certain Linux certifications like the LPIC-1, LPIC-2 or the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (NCLE) would do any good as far as my career growth is concerned. Also what kind of jobs and salary...
  5. devgujar

    Need an Information About HP Certifications in Pune

    Hi , I am looking for a trainer for following certifications in Pune . A. AIS-HP Performance Center v9(M83). B. AIS-HP Scripting using HP Virtual User Generator Software(M19). C. AIS-HP Quality Test Professional v9. If any one has an information regarding the same ,Kindly share the...
  6. abhi.eternal

    Career help needed - Non Tech!

    My friend has done her MSc in Bio-Tech this year. Currently, she is working in an international firm where she does taxes for others (its not as bad as it sounds! actually her job is pretty cool with a decent salary). However, she is not interested in continuing there. She thought of taking up...
  7. piyushp_20

    Career as a Networking Professional

    hi guys, I am piyush pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. Presently my 5th semester is on. Actually i wanted to know more about career as a networking professional but couldnt find the right person to seek help... so posting it here...
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    Need Help.....For Career in Security

    Hiii......I'm doing BCA n will persue MCA for sure........I'm doing CCNA too...... I want to build up my career in security n cybercriminalogy....... I'm not sure about the certifications......I mean can u plz help what certification(s) i choose........I'm planning for CompTIA Security+ N i've...
  9. rhitwick

    Advice required for Instrumentation engg. stream

    Guys, few of my friends are in Instrumentation engg. dept. they are not yet employed. They want to move to some city where scope for instrumentation engineers are good and want to pursue some certifications. They have chose Mumbai and Hyd. I'm not sure about scope in these cities, can u help...
  10. looogk

    how to be a good tester?

    i have complted the black box testing.. and also testing tools.. am interested in testing.. now am doing MCA final year.. what steps will make me to go for a good tester? will it have any certifications? or what are the skills to be learn? how to practice for myself ? suggest me...
  11. Plasma_Snake

    Certifications Values

    In India, currently almost for everyone Networking = CCNA. I want to know about the prospects of a lesser known player but equicompetent in the field, CompTIA. What's their certification's scope in India and outside India? What subject does their course stresses on, Networking or Hardware or what ?
  12. V


    helllo,frnds, i'am new 2 this field plz hlp 4 cisco certifications, help ,my...........:p:p:p:p
  13. dheeraj_kumar

    Microsoft Certifications - Need Help!!!

    DO NOT READ THIS THREAD IF YOU DONT LIKE ACRONYMS!!! This damn Microsoft's site is giving me a headache with all flowery language and polished terms! Why the hell wont they say anything to the point?! Anyway, I'm looking forward to study and get a Microsoft Certification. Currently, my...
  14. mobilegeek

    CCNA/MCSE Coaching center in Delhi?

    Hey Some of you must have done these courses Can you please tell which are the good institute for doing CCNA, MCSE, and other certifications? Which are the good institute in North Delhi! Which institutes are recognized as exam centers. plz suggest
  15. H

    career in networking ??

    I have completed engineering in 'electronics & telecommunication' through K.J.Somaiya, vidhyavihar. now , i am completing -- A+, N+, CCNA, MCSA, RHCE courses through CMS institute, dadar. (only course not certifications) I want to make coureer in networking.i have decided to go for...
  16. mohit sharma

    help about security couses

    i had listen about various security courses and certifications out there , but lack a proper way and understanding on them . for example should i go for CISCO CCNA or MCSE . and what are the real procedures and benifits of them as i m an engineering student . i had tried...
  17. N

    :: Most Valued ::

    Which is the most valued certification today? RHCE Microsoft Certifications Cisco Certifications or any other plz specify..
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