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WWE Discussion Thread


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Hi WWE fans,

Instead of having separate thread for PPV [pay-per-view] like wrestlemania threads, here is a new thread to discuss WWE PPV's as well as Weekly episodes like RAW and Smackdown. Unlike PPV/show discussions other discussion can be included like discussing about WWE pro wrestling Rosters too.

Well BTW as Rajat pointed out in the other thread

Ten Sports now telecast RAW , Smackdown on the same week as US and we get PPV on the next day after US telecast (or approx 12 hours) isn't that great news

^ Quoting this because few may know about this and others may not

Upcoming pay-per-view schedule for 2013

September 15, 2013Night of ChampionsJoe Louis ArenaDetroit, Michigan
October 6, 2013Over the LimitFirst Niagara CenterBuffalo, New York
October 27, 2013Hell in a CellAmerican Airlines ArenaMiami, Florida
November 24, 2013Survivor SeriesTD GardenBoston, Massachusetts
December 15, 2013TLC: Tables, Ladders & ChairsToyota CenterHouston, Texas

PS: Guys who wants to discuss that WWE is fake, Please go away from this thread. Yes we all know that WWE is scripted. Thats why it is WWE [E-Entertainment]


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^:agreed: me too saved lot of bandwidth but advertisement in between is what bothering me. U talking about last match, what about first match bro? I like the first than the second.

BTW cena match :yaaawwn:

Wasnt able to see the first as I accidentally went to the channel and to my surprise the PPV was airing , almost 1 hr had passed when I started.
Plus in above table you missed Summerslam (August 18).

John Cena (c) vs. Daniel Bryan For WWE Championship @ Summerslam.
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Anyone saw this week's raw. Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro gave one heck of a match. I have never seen a match like this in raw before
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