1. kool

    which is best "router & modem" or "ADSL2 + with router" ? Need suggestion under Rs.1500

    Hi guys, I have BSNL UL 1445 combo unlimited plan of 2mbps (after 20 GB ,speed reduced to 1Mbps). I am using Siemens C2110 modem & TP-Link WR740N router. from 6 years, and i keep my modem ON all the time. I rarely switch off modems once in a week. I use desktop PC by LAN cable and all...
  2. GhorMaanas

    [Query] ace tele shop - any feedback?!

    Hello everyone! i had purchased a Binatone Senior Citizen's cellphone from ace tele shop on ebay (present as 'aceteleshop' on ebay) last year. its charger has now developed a fault, and Binatone's service centre here in Mumbai said that they don't look into the faults of cellphones, but only...
  3. A

    how to get bluetooth in my computer

    Hi guys i need help how to get a bluetooth in my computer? yesterday when i was in the mall i try to print some of the photos in my cellphone then the owner of the computer shop said send my photos via bluetooth i mean the owner of the shop not use card reader to transfer the photos in my...
  4. powerhoney

    Where to buy Moto Razr XT910??? Online/Offline in Guwahati...

    Hey guys, where can I buy the Moto Razr XT910 from, at the sweetest price???:-D It's currently out of stock in Flipkart...:evil: Please don't suggest any other cellphone as I am mainly gonna use the cellphone for modding the living hell out of it!!!:twisted::twisted::twisted: As far as I know...
  5. kool

    ►► Bought my 1st ANDROID cellphone: MMX A100 i'm very happy. But i've never used ANDROID before.....

    Hi guys, Bought Micromax A100 for Rs.9800+Rs.200 from mobile store. I've never used android, i was using Nokia 3230>> 5130XM >> 5230 from, last 10years. Now i've few query, and plz guys help me 1) There is no PC-SUITE like nokia is bundled with this cell, so how can i backup/restore...
  6. A

    need cellphone for wifi hot-spotting and music only

    Hi Am looking for a cellphone for 3g broadcast and good music as i am getting ipad 3 wifi only and need to tether it to my phone for 3g. OS does not matter as i am using phone for calling purpose and music playback. Budget not to exceed 5k. Kindly help
  7. X

    Converting phone memory from FAT to FAT32

    Hey DiGitian, Before posting this i have searched on web and even in the diGit itself, but couldn't find any thing which would have been worked for me. The problem is that i am having a cell phone whose internal memory is just 50Kbs (which really sucks) & i plugged my cellphone in my PC and...
  8. S

    Cellphone Suggestions Under 4K

    Please suggest me a cellphone under/around Rs 4000. I need one with very good back up, song playable capability and preferably dual sim. Already have a defy, so rest doesn't matter.
  9. B

    [For Sale] Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with Android 2.3.3

    Samsung Galaxy S I9000 [Android 2.3.3 with 16GB Memory] Specification: Please check the following link for detail information: *www.gsmarena....laxy_s-3115.php Condition: Accesories: 1 x Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with Android 2.3.3 installed, 1 x Original pouch, Purchasing Bill...
  10. S

    Best mobile around Rs 12000

    I am looking to buy a cellphone. My budget is around Rs. 12000. I would prefer a cellphone with good camera, nice audio and android os. Please suggest me Samsung cellphones. My choice is Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace.
  11. dharmil007

    Which is this cellphone ???

    hey can anyOne pls. tell me which is this cellphone used in A famous movie ?? i have guessed but i dont know if its true or not My guess : NOKIA N9
  12. funkysourav

    Convenient Video resizing software needed

    Hi guys, does anyone know any good application to conveniently resize videos? The features i need Multithreading/GPU accelearation support is appreciated. Queuing Resize multiple episodes at once Good resizing ratio without compromising on quality for the output resolution I need to...
  13. S

    HTC G1 Reverse Internet tethering

    I need to share my broadband internet connection on my desktop to my HTC G1 so that I can browse internet through the cellphone. Please help me...
  14. A

    cellphone within 9k?

    i want to buy a cellphone within 9k of nokia...net surfing and music and software support r priority with a decent camera.
  15. Zangetsu

    Need Cellphone

    Hi Guys, :wave: I need a dual sim cellphone frm good brands such as Nokia/Samsung/LG/SE it should have following features: 1) No Camera (yes coz its not allowed in office) 2) Dual Sim 3) Memory Card (& shud have the option to save Messages in Memory Card) 4) FM is optional... Budget...
  16. H

    effect of emf on hdd

    i m having a external hdd and i want to know whether the emf of my cellphone will affect my hdd if i keep on it?
  17. C

    3G issues

    I wanna purchase a good 3G cellphone. I browsed the nokia website and was confused a bit can somebody plz tell me difference between UMTS, WCDMA, 3G GSM, 2G GSM. What services are being offered in India currently ? Also suggest me a good cellphone having 3G,WiFi,E-mail client,good...
  18. slugger

    WTB: Ultra-low cost Handset [Indiatimes Naaptol]

    Update - 2010.06.23 Made a tentative list of possible chices of handsets ------------------------ Hi, I am looking to replace my 4 year old Motorola W180. As the model must've told you, I am on the lookout for an ultra-low cost cellphone that I pray would last no more than 2 years. But 2...
  19. kool

    Full-Review of cellphone ...? Where..?

    Hi guys, where i can get full review of any cellphone like www.mobile-review.com gives with screenshots of all features of mobile phone. i want full review of these mobiles: Micromax Q5, And when NOKIA C3 will launch yaar..??? GSMARENA says its coming in Q2 of year. Can i know what is d...
  20. kool


    Hi friends, i want to buy cellphone with these features: Dual SIM, Long battery Life, Under Rs. 3000 I've already used frnd's cell, micromax X-250 and spice M5252, and both has same java based OS, which is very slow in navigation, and slow typing sms. Can anybody tell me about these...
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