WTB: Ultra-low cost Handset [Indiatimes Naaptol]


Update - 2010.06.23
Made a tentative list of possible chices of handsets


I am looking to replace my 4 year old Motorola W180. As the model must've told you, I am on the lookout for an ultra-low cost cellphone that I pray would last no more than 2 years. But 2 years it *must* last.

I also want to stop carrying my equally old 3rd gen Nano around. So I basically need a phone-cum-casual entertainment device.

Trying to think of the stuff that I would like to have in my cellphone.

Required Features

* MP3 player
* Video player
* FM Radio receiver
* Still Camera [around 2 MP - as the camera in my folks 6300]
* Expandable memory [upto 4/8 GB]
* Bluetooth Connectivity with computer
* biggish screen [around 2-inch] for watching movies

Optional added Features

* QWERTY keyboard
* Video Camera
* Read PDF files

While I was looking out for some models, I found these ads in the Times of India that advertise these cellphones that seem to be filled with many of the features that I've listed out but are priced ridiculously low and have names like ePhone, BlackCherry etc - typical Chinese rip-offs.

Considering that I need the phone to perform well for no more than 2 years, would it be adivasble to go ahead and buy one of these phones.

Most of these deals seem to be giving 6-months vendor's warranty [not company] and have the option of Cash on Delivery.
Has anybody made purchase of such a cellphone from Indiatimes Shopping or Naaptol [the ads I see in the TOINS]? If so how has been your experiance?

Budget: Rs. 3500 [max, strictly]

I was also looking through some models of Ray, Micromax, Boss & Spice but none seem to be offering the features offered by these Chinese models.

Also will these Chinese models have legit IMEI number [ads claim they are 100% legit]

Inputs will be much appreciated

TIA :)
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Cool Buddy

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you won't be able to run any softwares/apps on a chiniese phone. Nokia 7210 Supernova suits your needs somewhat, but your requirements are high & budget is low.

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Nokia 2700 classic can also be considered


@Cool Buddy
thanks for stopping by :)

you won't be able to run any softwares/apps on a chiniese phone.

Are you referring to games & themes? As far as the phone usage is concerned, I do not see myself using the cell for anything other than talking, texting, musicing, movieing & recording [still pics & if possible video clips]. Pleae correct me if i'm wrong - but will the cellphone not have an in-built player for the songs and movies? & can I not just drag & drop these music, movie & pics taken

I don't see myself playing games or ehancing its functionality by installing apps. As for transferring songs & movies, can I not just drag & drop the songs into the memory card once I attach the phone to the compy throught the USB cable? or will I have to hunt for a PC suite to do the song & movie transfer? Will a low-cost card reader not do the trick of transferring songs+movies+photos

I also do not need a Twitter app - cancelling this as requirement

If required, I'm even willing to forgo Internet/GPRS capability in the handset if the handset has a good still camera & plays/transfers songs & movies w/o issues

your requirements are high & budget is low

I know. This is usually how most of my purchase requirements are :)
I also don't intend to keep the handset with me for a very long time - 2-2.5 yrs max

That is why for this handset purchase i'm not even taking a look at the branded or semi-branded/Indian products - only ultra-cheap, feature-rich rip-offs made by no-namer Chinese Cos

Based on the my requirments I was looking through some models & came up with a tentative list of sorts

EIROGA E71 Nokia E71 rip-off

The mobile lists its camera specs as having a 3.2 MP resolution

However on Googling I found that some people have stated that the pics have a res of 640 * 480 & is in fact a 1.3 MP camera
However 1 big feature it has is the ability of read e-books

Eiroga E71 Thread on TechArena

I'd like the phone to have a decent camera [for an indecently low price] - the E71 appeared perfect but for the camera

I also found this semi-unbranded phone G-Five U808 'cause they at least have a website [not sure if its genuine though]

Then there is also a little better semi-unbranded NKTEL A600 but it has an expandable memory of only 2 GB, ut says it has an e-book reader [PDF?] as that of the Eiroga E71

BTW when it is written that a model can read e-Books, it means that it supports PDF files, right?

Tentative list of phones & their comparision
Blue colored cell indicates that the feature is available in the phone


Will look up some more of these Chinese rip-offs & post them if I like any. As of now the G-Five U808 appeals to me the most

Any idea which branded model this handset has been ripped off?

Any suggestion for such low cost handsets?
TIA :)

Cool Buddy

Wise Old Owl
A resolution of 640x480 means it is a VGA camera. Don't go by what is written on the handset, check it. Most chinese phones have VGA camera (0.5 MP) even if it's written 5 MP on it's back.
Chinese phones will run mp3 files & some video formats, but number of formats supported will be low. Also, quality will not be very good neither do they have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
By apps, I meant java apps. I haven't come across a chinese phone supporting .jar files. But if recent models have added support, I can't say.
There will be an inbuilt browser which you can use for GPRS, but I'm doubtful if you'll be able to install opera mini or any other external browser.

In Short, you'll have to use the phone as it comes out of the box. you can only add songs & videos.
If it is written on the box that you can read eBooks on it, it is sure to support text files.

You can do one thing, you can take a memory card with all content you want to try. most of the boxes are not sealed, so you can try & return the phone if you don't like it.

Cool G5

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Reading E-Books is a good feature but with the 2.36" screen your eyes will be gone. Its too small. Instead I would say get Micromax Q3.

Its a decent phone for the price. Stay away from chinese as I have seen how pathetic they are. Two years, one wouldn't even want to live two minutes with such phones.

Cool Buddy

Wise Old Owl
Stay away from chinese as I have seen how pathetic they are. Two years, one wouldn't even want to live two minutes with such phones.

That's what I was trying to say, a bit indirectly though!

The UI of chinese phones is irritating to say the least, the audio quality, less said the better. All of them are sluggish, very few have fast processors. screen is also not very good quality. The response of touchscreens, you actually need to press the screen with the stylus to make them respond after a few days. Why would anyone buy such a phone. I would be content with a Nokia 7210 supernova or 2700 classic if all I wanted to was music & some GPRS.


Came back after a visit to a few cellphone shops. I was hoping that the G5 U808 would turn out to be all that it had specified. spent more than half an hour trying it out.

Unfortunately & as expected the camera is no 3MP camera as claimed - plain old VGA it is. Having said this I found its other features working quite as expected. There was no discernible lag in interface & the sound too was quite good. Camera worked like any VGA camera - no worse. Transferred files into the memory card with a card reader - no issues. Not likely to find apps though, said the shopkeeper.

Also, he stated it beforehand itself these phones come with no gurantee of warranty - you take it out of the shop, you are responsible for anything that goes wrong. But he did say that these phone will easily outlast the 9-12 months that I wanted it to last.

Had the camera been as promised, would have definitely purchased this one - but giving it a miss. However if your needs are similar to mine without a need for as good a camera as I want, thne I would'nt mind suggesting that you take a look at the U808. Was retailing for Rs. 2650 with a card reader thrown in - not bad a deal IMO.

Until I find an angel investor, I've decided to shelve my plans to buy a new cellphone that could've replaced my cell & iPod and also worked as an eBook reader :)

Thank you all for responding - much appreciated

Cool G5

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Good that you decided to hold on your purchase.

Offtopic - In no way I endorse that G Five even though it bears resemblance with my user ID :D


Right off the assembly line

Mobile phone that can read .PDF file is really rare. But other requirements are easy to be satisfied.

Most of Chinese mobile phones are enable to installl apps.
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