1. panacea_amc

    Bsnl Cellone Gprs querry??

    hi, In bsnl website there is stated that for GPRS Rs 300 recharge pack in prepaid cellone, i get 8gb for 90 days. But when i recharged with 300, i didnt get that 8GB. Rather, i got a 30 days on net free call validity. Has this 90 days 8gb plan changed?
  2. amc888

    strange operator logo, Opera mini problem, suggest a new phone

    Friends, 1. I am currently using Nokia 6070 and using BSNL Excel Anant prepaid connection. My phone displays a strange operator logo (phone displays operator name 'Cellone' twice)like this, CellOne CellOne how can change it to normal "CellOne"? 2. My phone included all the setiings...
  3. panacea_amc

    Cellone querry

    Hello, does anyone knows how to view the cellone postpaid bill online? THANKS
  4. rohan

    GPRS in CellOne

    I've been trying to activate GPRS on my dad's CellOne prepaid account. I sent an sms 'GPRS' to 53733 . A message comes back saying, "Request for GPRS activation recieved" [or something similar]. And after that nothing happens. How do I go about activating GPRS on my CellOne acc? I have a Sony...
  5. vikramkh

    using operamini in razr v3i with cellone gprs

    am not able to figure how to install opera mini using cellone gprs for north region in my moto razr v3i can anyone help me how
  6. A

    Please help me!

    I am using Nokia 6070 and BSNL Prepaid connection. My problem is, in phone screen the name of the operator is displayed two times. I want to display the operator name in one times...
  7. Anindya

    Injustice to cellone customers.

    This is a very sad news for cellone customers. Just now i came to know that they charge Rs.1.50 to check unbilled amt from us:shock: . A cellone cus. needs to check their unbilled amt. by sending USG to 53333. And this is not a free service. Isnt this injustice? How r we supposed to check our...
  8. R

    GPRS on BSNL CellOne

    Hi, I want to know how do we apply for GPRS/MMS on a BSNL Cellone (Plan 100) connection. I heard that they are charging Rs49/month. Is there any automatic process or what? I didnt understand the website details
  9. A

    Cellone Help (plz URGENT)

    Guys i recently got my Cellone SIM which i had registred a year ago !!! Anyways forget it. My pro is, when i insert the SIM in my phone i get something showing "Sending text message". I don know where it is being sent. Then i get error "Sending failed, Retry again". However, i don know how to...
  10. P

    cellone (prepaid) gprs

    how 2 use exel gprs on pc?
  11. bukaida

    Help with GPRS

    I have recently bought a laptop. I have cellone postpaid connection. I want to connect my laptop to internet through GPRS(which is available for cellone postpaid). Presently I am using nokia 1100 which is not GPRS enabled. What will be the cheapest and reliable alternative phone for me? I will...
  12. S

    Mobile at Rs. 99/- for Students (BSNL)

    Well, read in Today's INDIAN EXPRESS: BSNL gives students the reason 2 celebrate with its Rs. 99/- monthly STUDNET POWER SCHEME. Tariff: LOCAL CALLS: (Same LSA) CellOne to Mobile: Rs. 1.50 per minute/pulse CellOne to Fixed, FWT, others: Rs. 1/50 per minute/pulse STD CALLS: (Outside LSA)...
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