1. Zangetsu

    [Satire] CBSE 2006 topper scolded by his parents for having scored lesser

    A similar incident happened in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh, where the topper of 2006 was rebuked and made to feel guilty by his parents for having lesser aggregate than Sukriti. Vinay Sharma, the victim, was watching movie 3 Idiots alongwith his family when the news of CBSE results 2016 broke out...
  2. K

    The Digital revolution CBSE NCERT Solutions Online

    Online education has become the latest trend and has broken the age-old bastion of the brick and mortar institutions. The online platform isavailable 24x7, so the students can participate whenever convenient, since they are not tied down to a fixed schedule. CBSE too has revamped its method of...
  3. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Good idea to go JEE coaching in 12 CBSE?

    I have my 11th finals from 2nd Feb and after great fees of the univ. in the states i've now chosen my path to India only. Now i think I must end my resistance for not going to coaching for JEE. Everybody tell me to go to coaching. But as i have not been going even tutions since 1st class Im...
  4. R

    What to do after 12th CBSE [Bad Result]

    Hi folks, I'm pretty much sure that I'm gonna get ~68% in CBSE Boards (12th). I'm a PCM idiot. (Physical Edu.). I'm interested in going for B.Tech(With Hons.) - M.Tech (Dual Degree) [5 Years] [CS] but most universities need the one to score higher than 80% in qualifying exams. What should I...
  5. M

    JEE Main Ranks Incorrect

    Source : * Thanks to : KDroid this shows how biased the JEE Main ranks are : how can this happen? :shock: I have checked their results from cbse website. the info is correct. please redirect me to...
  6. G

    Should i do any case against CBSE for normalization of marks???

    Hey friends, as we all know jee main 2013 ranks are out. My brother got rank in 60000 and his friend got rank of 20000 all over India. My brother has got 96% in ISC Board whereas his friend has got 95% in CBSE Board. It's totally unfair. So should i do a court case against CBSE for normalization...
  7. bestpain

    private engi. college

    frnd plz suggest me a good private enginering college in which u have passed out or currently studying.... i am intrested in cse....i prefer college having good faculty and placement.....i got 70% in cbse 12 and 83 in jee average college would also be fine ..but not worst
  8. lywyre

    Class 12 CBSE Syllabus for Academic year 2013-14

    Hi, I want to know if the syllabus/books for class XII (CBSE) is the same as last year or is it changed. Thank you. ..bump..
  9. desiJATT

    CBSE 12th Class Result is OUT!

    Hey there guys, the much awaited and delayed result is finally out now!! Check your result here - CBSE Results Also, please refrain from posting your marks, as it might induce some complexity issues on the board. I just wanted the news to be out, there is no other purpose of this thread.
  10. TheLetterD

    CBSE ISEET Announcement

    Hello I wanted to start this thread so we dont miss out on any CBSE announcement esp. cuz the System for selection into Engineering collages (Non-Med Stream Students) is changing! I would really like if someone keeps updating this thread for new announcements! So please feel free to share any...
  11. mohityadavx

    New Educational Website

    Hi! Me and my cousin has been making a website since long time. Link The website will be regularly updated from time to time for more features. However some of its features are:- 1) NCERT Solutions ( Class XI & XII) 2) Practical With Full Theory, Observations Procedure etc ( Chemistry ...
  12. A

    CBSE seeks feedback on External Public Examination at Class X

    CBSE seeks Feedback on Class X Board link>>>HERE<<<link Do fill it out and please post your views here. I think that Class X Boards shouldn't be removed,
  13. max_demon

    Satate Vs CBSE ?

    What to take ?
  14. M

    CBSE 2009 Class 10th and 12th Results by Email

    CBSE 2009 Class 10th and 12th Results by Email * :)
  15. krates

    Icse Vs Cbse

    So which one do you think is better ??? i prefer ICSE :)
  16. A

    What After Class Xii Commerce?

    What are the alternatives after Class XII commerce. My son is appearing for CBSE XII Commerce exam this year. He is an average and introvert student and he is going to be almost 19 years when the CBSE result will be out.
  17. W

    Sample papers of Class X Board 2009

    can anyone please post links of latest sample papers issued by CBSE and CBSE guess of class X within two days jatin
  18. Pearl Groupz

    I want 2007's CBSE Class X Results...any one can help

    I want 2007's CBSE Class X Results...any one can help plz help me
  19. rajeshjsl

    the best educational cbse site

    i want a free educational cbse site for my younger brother for free . please tell and specify and good numericals,pictures,etc site
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