Good idea to go JEE coaching in 12 CBSE?

I have my 11th finals from 2nd Feb and after great fees of the univ. in the states i've now chosen my path to India only. Now i think I must end my resistance for not going to coaching for JEE. Everybody tell me to go to coaching. But as i have not been going even tutions since 1st class Im unsure if ill be capable of coping up with both JEE and CBSE as I need a hefty 12th Board Result. Then i thought of taking up a crash course but some say thats its very bad.
So, please tell me what to do ?
Thats right Crash course is bad you can't able to cover whole syllabus in short period of time.
Its depend upon you, some students can cope up with both CBSE and JEE. But some can't.

Since you already completed your +1 class. I don't think you should go for JEE coaching because in Jee Mains rankings (former AIEEE) is 60% JEE marks and 40% CBSE +2 marks.
You should focus on cbse try to score above 90% in board examinations.

But If you think that you can cope up with both MCQ questions and CBSE, then you surely should go for it.

Take this Example:
In year 2013 my friend with 91% in board and 95 in mains had ranking of 75K.
And another one of 81% in board and 145 in mains had ranking of 72K.

But it may differ in your case according to competition.
Yes you can. But there is lot of difference in study of 10th and in +1 &+2.
In non-med syllabus is so vast, you will get mess up. You don't know amount of important topics in particular chapter to study. And you will end up studying whole.
Human brain has limited capacity, you won't able to cope up.

Instead of doing Hard work try to do Smart work.

An IITian on TDF can give better answer than me.


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If you are confident you've prepared well for boards, join the classes and see if you benefit from it. If you don't, pay less attention to it and concentrate on boards.
But if you are struggling with board concepts and I'd rather have you go with the board prep.
Actually the level of problems in JEE coaching classes is better than CBSE. So if you crack them, you will have enough confidence in solving CBSE problems (specially maths). I had 91% in boards (95% in PCM) and 183 in Mains. Stood at 21k.


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Also, remember, since crash courses are meant to teach a lot of stuff in less time, you'll have to put in more hours of study than you usually were. At this time it is of much help to solve problems with someone else (preferably your classmate) to speed the problem-solving process. All the best for your exams!


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First of all you should think how serious you are preparing for JEE . Are you not joining coaching because you think you are capable enough for preparing on your own or do you not want to join coaching because of reason like lack of time , lack of confidence or the hardwork you have to face ?

Well you will be in class 12th now , how did you study in your 11th grade ? Did you solved any IIT/AIEEE books ? IF you are just starting , then you need to give time to both class 12 and 11th topic as well as CBSE subjects . Now this may sound hard managing it , but its not when you actually start preparing . Solving Tricky and good question definitely increase your self confidence and will help you in your school subject .

Let me tell you my story how i joined coaching ( FIITJEE in 2011) , when i entered class 11th i was very irresponsible , didn't know anything about IIT/AIEEE that time . I came to know that many of my friends have joined various institute for JEE preparation . I was little jealous when they use to study and discuss chapter 6 of maths book ( CBSE) by themselves when i was doing chapter 1 . So i joined coaching just because all others have joined , without any motivation . That was the worst decision i made . Atleast that's what i thought in first few weeks because it was hard to manage school and coaching . I was an average person in my batch ( maybe among bottom 10) , but little by little i moved forward , realizing how big the competition i have to face , how much i have to improve , how much i have to give more time . By the end of phase 2 ( after 8 months ) , i was among the top 3 in my batch . Definitely joining coaching helped me a lot in 1.5 year . Their study material definitely increase your confidence . So i will highly recommend joining a coaching institute , but you should promise yourself first to be hardworking and very serious when it comes to Engineering Competition .
I think that I am capable enough for jee but I lack confidence ...I have not yet solved and sort of books related but I study a bit of reference in PCM topics and am good enough in 11th like I'll manage 90% easily in 11th. But as I said I don't want to spoil my 12 th score no matter what. I'm am ready to do all hard work but going to coaching is kinda tiring so I'm planning to solve a lot of study materials from coaching inst. And solve other books like hc Verma and is erodov.... I like physics.. Sounds good?


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even if you are confident, joining coaching will just open your mind so much more. Interacting with the teachers, other smart students is a experience not to be missed. Not to mention the fact that the questions you attempt in coaching classes stay in your head a long time and you become familiar with the pattern of oft repeating questions.
And intelligent students are a lot in my class I already have met them.. To be at their level to solve problems is what I need.I have been studying myself since start and am able to cope up well. I have as I've already told you be making much improvements. I'll get the correspondence course and will study the study material every weekend and will try to solve ml khanna


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Planning to be your own coach is a good idea. But keep in mind it will require an extra effort from your end. Usually in classroom programmes teachers discuss the solutions to the problems in the class itself (after giving some time to the students to solve the problems). You will have to make the effort to solve all the problems (taking help from peers, school teachers, etc.). I would really stress on taking help from school teachers. Some might even go the extra distance into helping you (after-school hours, practice tests) if they think you'll make an effort.
I have to. This will actually the same as going long distace for coaching but it would save me my life ...I'll be closer to what I want and not be away from my world.....
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