1. flyingcow

    Earphones for 1.5-2.5k

    want good earphones for around 2k, any kind will do, music- no specific type, any the best iem around this pice category, thanks :)
  2. seamon

    [Poll]Lenovo vs HP ?

    Nope. Lenovo Y510p stands tall in that category beating the Envy series in everything.
  3. P

    Headphones under 5k

    Initially I was using Sennheiser PX 100-II until it's left side stopped responding. Now I'm looking for some new headphones under same category like the same sound quality & bass of sennheiser. Mostly I'll listen likes of megadeth,iron maiden.... Please suggest something really good
  4. makwanamilan96

    Want to buy new Tablet near 10k-11k. Some Advice...

    I have watched review of HCL ME Y3 (Dual sim) Tablet. i have confusion for it display (1) is it have IPS LCD or not ???? because Digit june edition Says It "IPS LCD" and HCL site says it "WSVGA HD Screen" and one more thing Does it able to play Full HD(1080p) videos because it is said...
  5. A

    2.1 Speaker System > Altec Lansing VS2621

    I already have Altec Lansing VS2621 and am looking for something in the same price range, few 100Rs up n down. So do I have better options then the Altec one in the same price category ?
  6. R

    Help regarding K9 web protection program

    I have installed K9 web protection parental software in my desktop and had configured it to block porn and some other category websites. My brother has a laptop. Is there a way to block the same category websites on his laptop too, other than installing K9 in it [ofcourse only he knows the...
  7. digitaltab

    Razer Abyssus vs. Steelseries Kinzu

    Hi all, vote for the one best according to you, and please mention the reasons for why you chose one over the other. also, if you think any other mouse falls in "claw/ fingertip grip" category and is priced <2k is better than these two, please mention. thanks. NOTE: the poll is created...
  8. puneet sharma

    Help to choose the best college ?

    My Aieee rank is :- 1) All india overall is 124954 and category is 86168 2) State rank overall is 1572 and category is 1398. I had got 82 % in CBSE. I want to know if i can get admission in CCET and UIT in chandigarh through chandigarh quota. If not please help me to find any good...
  9. D

    Run-time errror

    Hello guys! Good Day! I need your help guys and expertise. I made a small program for our Prelim examination video rental system. I just stated with the search command button as we required. No the code that i made is almost running. When you first time searching for a category it will work...
  10. Sarath

    Why did you buy a smartphone?

    The question is simple and nothing more : "Why did you buy a smartphone?" Especially ones which are around 30k. Question pertains more towards the expensive category of phones which are >20,ooo bucks. Reason No more conditions.
  11. S

    Dual Sim(GSM+GSM) under 5K

    pls suggest a good one under dual sim category... regards, Soumya
  12. TheLetterD

    The iPad owner's thread(reviews for apps, troubleshooting, peripherals etc.)

    Umm if any admin.s are viewing this, pls delete this thread as I have posted it again under the Laptops, netbooks, tablets category Thankyou
  13. nixhead

    Why not Nexus S?

    I have a budget of 23-25K. I have to buy a phone within a month. I have read in various posts people saying Nexus S is not a good choice in this category. Please mention and justify your reasons here.
  14. utkarsh009

    dimensions of cabinet

    hello! can anyone list the dimensions (length x breadth x height) of mini tower, mid tower and full tower cabinets? which of these can accommodate amd radeon hd 6850? i dont know to which category my cabinet belongs as it is of a branded zenith pc. how to check it? (tell me the dimensions as i...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Modifying uTorrent mini webUI, only javascript

    I frequently use the mini webUI of uTorrent which can be found here. For a tutorial on how to use it visit How to Install uTorrent's MiniUI for Mobile Browsers | The miniUI is made only from javascript and I know it is not very difficult to modify it. However, I have only very basic...
  16. hellknight

    Apple may dump nVIDIA

    Looks like it is time for more trouble for nVIDIA.. as they are already getting their butt kicked by AMD in each and every category.. this comes like a big bouncer to them.. Apple may dump them.. Read On
  17. S

    bookmark YOUR FAVOURITED SITE ONLINE Our Features are: Bookmark all your favourite websites that you find and all your bookmarks anywhere you are. Organize all your bookmarks by category and browse them easily. So COme Join Our World!
  18. A

    Website which gives all cities information

    Hi, Is there any website which says, whether the city is metro/urban/ semi urban or rural. Like mumbai/delhi is a metro that Actually in icici bank the min balance charges are different in all these criterias, I want to know my city comes under which category. anni
  19. DαrєDєvił

    Best Laptop............!!

    hiii,,,,friends......m searching for a laptop under rs.25,000....i dont need for ny business purpose etc......simply for home usage nd multimedia,net nd games....nyone knows abt a laptop under this category with cool features can help me:-(.....thkx..8-)
  20. hellknight

    Indian Wrestler Won bronze

    Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar won a bronze medal for country after defeating Kazakhstan's wrestler in the 66 kg category. Congratulations to him Source
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