1. patkim

    seeking clarification - what is 'UEFI Ready' graphics card

    I find a term ‘UEFI ready’ Graphics card. What does it actually mean? Could someone clarify please. If I have a mobo that supports UEFI, should I be looking for such graphivs card for compatibility. Also does ‘secure boot’ being enabled affects ability of Graphics card from running / operating...
  2. tkin

    Any TATA Credit Card users here? Need help

    Hey guys, If there are any TATA Credit Card users here I need your help. I have two questions. 1. TATA Card is a partnership with SBI card, so does SBI card offers apply for TATA Cards? Like the upcoming SBI Card offer in Flipkart Big Billion day sale? Reference...
  3. T

    Unboxing the Asus Strix Radeon R9-390X

    Hey guys :) Today we will be unboxing the Asus Strix Radeon R9-390X Gpu. This monster contains some truly revolutionary technology incorporated into it. Some truly Amazing Research and development has gone into this card and also a world exclusive flux free production process that is...
  4. B

    graphics card

    Is it possible to put graphics card in hp G42
  5. Faun

    Brands Tally Thread

    Let's get started with the brands and their tally. If you have a graphics card by Asus and a Motherboard from Asus too then list down Asus - 2. Let's keep it to PC configs and only brand name. No need to mention product model etc. Mention only in-use brands and for your PC. Listing down mine...
  6. Xai

    No Display on Monitor with Graphics Card

    Hello All, You will find my setup in my signature for reference. My R9 290 Tri-X started causing problems last month. The PC started shutting down and no display on monitor with the 290 plugged in. I tried a friend's 290, and there was display on the monitor. Integrated intel display also...
  7. A

    Is it safe to use Molex to PCI Express 6 pin converter

    Hell, I have just ordered a AMD raedon 270x Graphics Card. Now I noticed it requires two 6 pin connector but Coolermaster 450w has just one 6 pin connector. So would it be safe to use two 4 pin molex to 6 pin connector to use with above graphics card. I have very linear setup - CPU - Amd...
  8. A

    When Nvidia 950 is going to get cheaper

    Recently launched Nvidia 950 showed a lot of potential for a budget card. But the graphics card is selling for roughly the same price of a 960. Cheapest 950 is available for 15k on snapdeal but its still expensive. I was wondering if I should wait for prices to get lower or 750 ti is still the...
  9. wwwescape

    Android: Moving WhatsApp Media folder to SD card

    Hi, I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Android Lollipop with 32GB SD card. What is the best way to move the WhatsApp Media folder to the SD card. I've tried using FolderMount but any new media that gets sent to WhatsApp doesn't get saved to my device anymore. I can see the...
  10. B

    Card reader not working

    Hi, I bought Quantum QHM5088 All in 1 card reader. When I insert it in any pc, it displays a message installing drivers but then nothing happens. There is no usb drive found in my computer. I have tried it in different computers using Win XP and Win 7 but the result was the same. I downloaded...
  11. T

    random display errors while cold start.

    Hi, i have i5 system with 120gb ssd and 1 tb hdd corsair cx500 smps and gtx 960 2gb graphics card . some times when i start my system my pc boots but display is not started only when i reset the system the display runs. no loose wires and problem doesnt come frequently. can some one...
  12. M

    Cheap graphics card suggestion... my graphics card died . Now i dont game any more.So need a graphics card to play HD movies . Please suggest the best, cheap graphics card.
  13. V

    Heating issue Sapphire HD 7750

    Dear Friends For past few days i was facing issues with my display, suddenly the display was going off and coming back, an error was coming "AMD display driver failed and recovered back". I updated the display drivers to latest version but no luck. Yesterday suddenly the system went off itself...
  14. C

    ASUS GTX980Ti STRIX OC Review : Titan X for cheap

    The GPU market has seen the same transition for the last couple of years like the CPU market. Nvidia and AMD fighting for the graphics supremacy has more often than not been a very even battle, with both companies releasing products steadily at a less than a year cadence to outrun each other...
  15. T

    please suggest gaming pc under rs 30000

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Movies(HD) , games(like farcry 4),autocad software,video...
  16. C

    Need Help

    Hello Guys, i need ur expert advice. i have a computer aprox 4 years old. config is cour 2 du Processor 4 GB ram DDR2 (2 GB x2) 1 GB graphic card Sapphire graphic card 9800gt gigabyte mother board g41 Combo and 500 GB hard Disk my main problem is my display is disappear now a days. i take...
  17. A

    Discussion: Which brand's Graphics Card should I buy for best service?

    As title says, which brand's graphics card should I buy to get best after-sales service. I am planning to buy GTX 970. Is ASUS good in dealing with RMA?
  18. mitraark

    Cheap HD TV Tuner Card

    I have GTPL HD STB connection which has an HDMI and Composite output I have a Beetel USB TV Stick and it has Composite input, it works fine, but quality is not that good. Need a TV Tuner card with HDMI input. Googled, got results of Avermedia HD Cature card ,Rs 11000 Beetel Stick...
  19. avichandana20000

    Upgrading some components

    I am not filling up the Template as i need only to upgrade. I have some configs in mind. Objective is every latest high graphics gaming. Kindly approve them I already have Cabinet Deepcool Tesseract SW HDD WD 1 TB UPS APC 600VA UPS ODD Asus DRW 24B3ST DVD R/W...
  20. D

    Download files larger than 4gb?

    Is there any way i can download to ext card.. My phone is i9500 rooted.
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