1. S

    Asus Xonar DG for 5.1 speakers

    I have bought F&D f700UF for my PC (It is ok for me , as no other 5.1 speakers - under 10K have delivery in my area). My sound card audio is - VIA its drivers are not working in Windows 10 64 sound is there , but in audio settings only 2 channel / 4 channel options are there. MB supports 5.1...
  2. S

    Graphics Card for My Old Desktop

    Kindly suggest a Graphics Card for my Old Desktop budget around 5-7K Purpose : Gaming ( FIFA 16, San Andreas, NFS carbon ) Motherboard : GA-880GM-USB3L Processor : AMD Phenom II X4 955 Memory : 4 GB
  3. J

    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Current Config: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @2.66 GHz Heat Sink: Cooler Master Silence Mother Board: P5QL Pro Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 9 Series GF9500 GT 550M 512 MB DDR2 RAM: 2 x Transcend 2G DDR2 800 WiFi Card: Asus PCE-N13 300Mbps PCI-E Cabinet: Mercury ATX 500W Storage: 120...
  4. D

    GTA 4 has stopped working..

    I have updated latest drivers. Since then gta 4 doesn't work although it runs in inbuilt gfx card..My gfx card is 2gb gt 630m.
  5. M

    Urgent PC buying advice needed

    i'm going to gift my younger brother a good gaming PC my budget is 25k for the cpu Information required on following. (i) Ram- size and mhz??? (ii)Motherboard (iii)processor (iv)gaming card (v)smps the games he plays are fifa16, gta v , Modern warfare and similar games. i want to...
  6. S

    How to pay for WhatsApp subscription in India?

    Hey folks! I've been using WhatsApp for about an year and my subscription is about to end in a month. First of all let me tell you that I don't want to change the number. I have tried paying for the subscription. Here is what happens: With Google wallet (integrated with Google play)...
  7. rakesh_sharma23

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition Review

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition Review ZOTAC introduce a new custom GTX 980 Ti graphics card, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition which is using NVIDIAs latest and greatest GM200-310-A Maxwell chip, build on the same GM200 GPU as the GeForce Titan X...
  8. I

    Please suggest upgrade for 10k

    Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my aging core2duo based system to something faster for no more than 10k. Its primary use would be gaming and 1080p videos. My current config is the follows - Cpu - Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 2.2ghz Mobo - Gigabyte p35 s3g - not working Gfx card - msi...
  9. sainath

    Blue Screen of Death while playing Game GTX 660

    I got replacement for my Asus Geforce GTX 660 2 months ago. I never tried this card after that because of my university examinations. It's 2 days before I installed it on my computer and what I experienced is horrible for me. I can able to use my system with this card. In video department this...
  10. Pratik Pawar

    micro SD Card problem

    guys, my friend has a micro SD card of 8 gb in her 3 yr old samsung, android 4.0.4 brand is some "HOPE":-? but the phone doesnt detect it. on my PC (win 7) its seen just as a blank drive. no filesystem, not even RAW I cant open it, asks for formatting, but even after waiting for 2 hours...
  11. ajayritik

    Need a 32 GB SD Card for Lumia Phone

    My friend wants to buy a 32 GB SD Card for his Lumia phone. Wondering which one to go for. Was almost finalizing this one but saw a negative review and thinking otherwise. Buy Samsung Evo+ 32GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card Upto 80 Mbps speed (With adapter) Online at Low Prices in...
  12. A

    Lenovo Vibe P1m : Questions

    Please someone post full review of vibe p1m.. hey can anybody tell me about maximum storage supported for usb otg?? I want to buy portable hard disk 2tb, will lenovo vibe p1m will support it?? and is it possible to use 64gb memory card for vibe p1m?? I have 64 gb sandisk memory card.. please...
  13. hareesh

    Weird SD card behaviour

    Hello, I have a rooted SE Neo V with Samsung 16 GB class 10 microSD card. Every thing was working fine until 2 days back, when my SD card refused to show up in my gallery. It says "SD card Unmounted or not present". I checked the settings-->storage, the mobile shows the SD details !!. Also all...
  14. ajayritik

    Sony Z1 not getting detected on my PC

    I need to move some files from my Sony Z1 phone to my PC or create backup. The phone memory is getting full. However when I connect my Sony Z1 to my PC the phone is not getting detected. It however is able to connect to the SD card in the phone. How can I ensure that the phone is detected by...
  15. savithk

    laptop WiFi card

    guys i need your help.....i have a Samsung NP-RV411-S02IN laptop windows 7 Home licence version its a 2011 model....Windows 10 can't be installed (Stucks on Windows Logo on restart of installation) because Broadcom WiFi card not supporting ....i search google i found some info ....i need to...
  16. V

    Need suggestions for a 16 GB MicroSD card for phone.......

    Hi Friends, I need suggestions for a good 16 gb micro sd card for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. I am not very finicky about getting the fastest card and could easily pick any one from the links below but the problem is that a lot of users are reporting that they are getting fake cards online. Is...
  17. rakesh_sharma23

    ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition Review

    ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition Review Aiming at budget gamers with entry-level gaming setups that can run titles on 1080P, NVIDIA unveils their GeForce GTX 950 GPU based on the Maxwell GPU architecture. Featuring the GM206 GPU (GM206-250-A1) with six SMM units that house 768 CUDA...
  18. ratzee199

    Graphics card for ASUS P8Z68 MPRO...

    Hi everyone, currently I am having a Asusu GTX 560Ti graphics card, with ASUS P8Z68 M PRO motherboard. I want to upgrade it to something better. Please suggest a good graphics card within Rs15K.
  19. Charley

    3G Internet in 2g SIM card

    I'm using the 3g vodafone internet pack in a 2g sim card. It's like a 2g internet connection, videos don't load and speed is slow. I contacted customer care and they told me I need a 3g sim to run 3g internet smoothly. Is it true?
  20. anvesh

    32GB SD card detected in PC but not in mobile

    I purchased new Strontium 32 GB Class 10 SD card. Formatted in FAT32 thorugh Windows7 and used it in mobile (YU Yureka) After 3-4 days mobile stopped detecting the card. I tried from many file viewer but mobile didn't detect the card. Then on PC it was getting detected as normal and I was able...
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