1. D

    need help for upgrading processor from AMD Phenom II X2 560 on Gigabyte GA-MA74GMT-S2

    hello ! i have presently the following specs and i need help upgrading my system for gaming purpose please help from processor to RAM to GPU and MB if required ! thanks CPU-Z TXT Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binaries...
  2. mandarpalshikar

    No CAP (Catalyst Application Profiles) available

    Guys, I am downloading AMD drivers after many days. Have they now included CAPs in the driver itself? I don't find any CAP link at the latest driver download site Desktop
  3. A

    P4 630 Intel 915gav Overclocking ?

    Can any one guide me I'm currently having 3.0 ghz i know its trial and error but i dont have options in my bios to overclock If any one could direct me to the correct and a safe detailed guide My specs
  4. M

    Motherboard confusion..

    I have decided on all other parts of my config but i am not able to decide the motherboard. I am buying an X58 based board and want to spare around 18k for the board. I chose these 2 options. 1. ASUS X58 TUF SaberTooth 2. MSI Big Bang XPower Both have military class components, solid state...
  5. trigger

    Caps Lock must die!

    Are you also in habit of hitting Cap Locks while trying Tab or Shift and then banging your head. Now it's time to kill that futile key from your keyboard and ask it to do more utile job which would be far better than just locking capitalization. Who needs this lock, anyway? If you also feel the...
  6. romeo_8693

    digit forum url bug...

    Hey mods/admins this is just to bring to ur notice that if one types WWW.THINKDIGIT.COM/FORUM(i.e. in caps) its says 404 site not found.
  7. Q

    Ms word help

    Hello Guys, can any one tell me how can i avoid auto caps of the first Alphabet of the new pharap...... or the letters like " I " and so on..... In Ms word....... Thanks.......
  8. gauravakaasid

    OPERA text input........

    how do i enter text in CAPS in Opera? my user id is in caps, but opera refuses 2 accept text in caps. no diff. with caps lock on, also pressing SHIFT doesnt work.
  9. H

    problems with caps lock in windows xp

    hi, i am using windows XP with Service Pack 1 and heres my weird problem. The moment the login screen loads for the windows xp...the caps lock key works fine i.e it shows the tooltip that caps lock is on when i press the caps lock key ....but when i enter windows XP, everything is reversed...
  10. L

    GNU/Linux Goodies

    Can anyone plzzz tell me where can I buy GNu/Linux T- shirts / Tux soft-toys / Linux Caps , etc. If anyone knows about it plzz lemme know.
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