1. G

    Extending wifi range?

    Hello, to all of you, I got a new connection of broadband, the ISP provided a CISCO DPC-3825 Modem for usage, its wifi coverage is very much limited, it only provides WIFI on first floor, I want to extend its capability to ground floor as well as to second floor, please advice which device...
  2. Ronnie012

    Need mobile for official use 1000~2000 range

    I need a good mobile for office+personal use. Range preferably below 1000. Should have - 1.Looooong lasting battery life 2. Good sound and music playback capability 3. Good looks 4. 1.3 mp crisp camera if available Came across this one. How's it?(red one is available for 1200rs...
  3. patkim

    How to know the max speed capability of wifi adapter

    Hi, Is there any way / tool to know the exact max speed capability of the integrated wifi adapter on notebook. I am unable to get clarity about the max speed of Atheros AR9285 based integrated wifi adapter on my vaio notebook. There's no mention on sony vaio site and atheros site seems to...
  4. tejjammy

    Help buying DSLR within 40k

    Hi, I've decided to buy a DSLR to replace my existing bridge camera. Please suggest me a good DSLR within 40k. It should have video recording capability. My main area of interest would be landscapes, buildings and occasionally animals from close range. Thanx
  5. S

    Cellphone Suggestions Under 4K

    Please suggest me a cellphone under/around Rs 4000. I need one with very good back up, song playable capability and preferably dual sim. Already have a defy, so rest doesn't matter.
  6. V

    Beetel Magiq

    Sire, I wanted to enquire about the tab beetel magiq. I hav following questions: 1. how can we connect usb devices to this tab, such as a pen drive. 2. Can we connect a cd rom to this tab in any way. 3. Can live tv be watched. If possible please suggest any tab in this range with a sim card...
  7. S

    Laptop 35K-40K in pune for s/w development n gaming

    1) What is your budget? 35K-40K INR ; not more than that 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 14" or 14"+ whatever suits under performance n budget 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? Pune, Maharashtra, India 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you...
  8. antani_90

    How is this mobo?

    hai guys tell me abt this mobo...MSI P45C NEO FIR:-P is it good? pros and cons please!! and also overclocking capability.. any 1??:-( any 1??? need urgent suggestions
  9. atin

    Want to buy a new mobile

    Hi guys I want to buy a mobile below 8K android if possible. I need internet and basic office capability. Also would like to be able to have decent video and audio capability. Camera not important. I came across this on eBay eBay India: H6 â–ºGoogle Android v2.2 Dual SIMâ—„Mobile Phone...
  10. B

    Camcorder vs. Digital Camera with HD movie capability

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a digital camera with good zoom, good MP, compact size and with HD movie capbility. I have shortlisted Panasonic TZ10 based upon the suggestions from learned members on this forum. I am now thinking why would one buy a camcorder if he has a camera like Pany...
  11. NucleusKore

    buying a digital camera

    Hi everyone I am planning to buy a digital camera in a week from now. My budget is around IRS 10-15 thousand. I am looking for a camera which gives good crisp pictures and has good indoor shooting capability. This is one capability I find many a camera in this segment lacking. Any advice will...
  12. comp@ddict

    Sapphire HD4890 ATOMIC hits 5GHZ(memory)!!!!!

    1. This is the fastest HD4890 core speed and while it's running on AIR. 2. The memory speed is 1255MHz. Quad-pumped, that becomes 5020MHz !!!!!!!! ZOMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing OC capability of HD4890 I must say, and this GDDR5 is a winner...
  13. Plasma_Snake

    Dell Studio 15

    I've been waiting long for my chance to get a laptop and this time citing project reasons coupled with my sister's needs too I got myself a Dell Studio 15 whilst a Lenovo S10 for my sister. :hap2: Initially I planned for XPS M1730 but due to some family plans had to downsize my budget...
  14. shyamno

    Wana Upgrade My System Please Suggest!

    I want to upgrade my old compaq guys please suggest a decent config which is VFM. Basically I want Processor(Intel),motherboard,RAM,HDD that's all.A good motherboard with decent inbuilt graphics capability would help me as i am very tight in budget. Budget <16K (in extreme...
  15. rahulbalmuri

    Which phone to buy....pls help

    hey guys pls help budget is 7k-8.5k i thought to buy N5700..has offer about 7.5k..but it was banned about 3 months i'm in a midst of confusion which one to take over...... my specs required are: 2MP camera...with video recording MP3 capability Memory xpandable upto 2-4GB...
  16. K

    help sought to setup wifi at home

    i have datone connection through ADSL modem SMARTAX AT880 of HUAWEI ,normally connected to desktop.I have a laptop too with wireless network capability. Can i use the same modem with any hardware modification to make WIFI. or shall i have to purchase a new modem? which one should i go for?
  17. praka123

    Help:TV Tuner card able to record DTH programs(home use only)

    Pls Tell me some brands which allows the recording of progs from Sky or Dishnet etc for home use.what capability does the card needs to have to record DTH channels? Digital or Analog Card?also the prce range .Thank you.
  18. R


    Hi Everyone, I want to buy a new Pen Drive of 4 or 8GB.. So which brand offers the fastest read n write capability... n what will it cost me like? Thanx in advance...
  19. N

    suggest a good tv tuner card with good recording capability

    Hello guys plz suggest some good External tv tuner for my lappy, i want to record tv serials cartoons , it should hve good recording capability max price i can afford is 6000/- it shld be availiable within mumbai /navi mumbai areas.
  20. anandk

    Leopard looks like … Vista !!!

    "Leopard looks like … Vista ... 1. New Leopard Desktop: Not a whole lot different from Vista’s Aero and Sidebar. 2. New Finder: Many of the same capabilities as the integrated “Instant Search” in Vista (the subsystem that Google is trying to get the Department of Justice to rule as being...
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