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  1. a_medico

    Truecaller popup query

    I have been using truecaller since a year or so. Earlier it used to work fine. But after several upgrades, it doesnt popup anymore 'before' call. I get popup afterwards, or have to check the caller id manually. Have they made it a premium feature now? Or am I missing something in the settings?
  2. ramakanta


    I need a best blacklist software for my Nokia N73 mobile . I have try lot . but not satisfied due to caller can know !! please help me . thank you.
  3. A

    Cell phone location tracking in india

    i am trying to find out if a cellphone calls my service number, is it possible for me to get the location of the caller. would i have to go the service providers or is there some other way. i need the location to be as precise as possible and as real time as possible
  4. T

    Beware of BigBazar guys...

    Guys BEWARE of this retailer. They really cheat in disguise. And I have proof of that. I had heard before that they cheat with prices during billing if u r not careful, now I faced it. On last Sunday i.e 27-11-11 we had gone in BigBazar Raghunathpur store(on VIP road)Kolkata. Among many things...
  5. The Conqueror

    Call Center in China

    Sorry if it's a repost : Caller: Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan? Operator: Yes, you can speak to me.. Caller: No, I want to speak to Annie Wan! Operator: Yes I understand you want to speak to anyone. You can speak to me.. Who is this? Caller: I’m Sam Wan .. And I need to talk to Annie...
  6. K

    I want tracking sw

    Hi to all my friends, I am using nokia 5320 xm & I want free tracker sw which gives me info about caller such as their place from which they called thanks K
  7. Shloeb

    How to stop calls from Vodaphone

    The day i unsubscribed from Vodafone's caller tune they just keep calling me. Its really annoying. Because they call at inappropriate times. :mad: When i pick up the phone then this tape is played telling me to subscribe to this caller tune or something else. Please tell me do i have to send any...
  8. H

    Bomb blast to happen @ kerala

    Now, through the channel indiavision, a local one, i head the news of a mystery caller identified as mujahiddin warning about a bobm blast in kerala @ kochi city @ 7pm..... 9 mins to go and the caller repeatedly says kochi. he also says he's from pakistan... here's his number that can't be...
  9. bhutanesedude

    N70 Full Screen Caller Photo

    I am irritated by this small Caller Picture. Does anyone knows how can I make the Caller Picture full screen or large enuff that I can see it, instead of that small pics. Please guys do let me know...
  10. Kiran.dks

    Call any U.S. number for free

    Earth Caller Using earth caller, you can call any U.S. number for free. URL: http://www.earthcaller.com/ Njoy!
  11. casanova

    Computer Bloopers

    1. Compaq is considering changing the command "Press Any Key" to "Press Return Key" because of the flood of calls asking where the "Any" key is. 2. AST technical support had a caller complaining that her mouse was hard to control with the dust cover on. The cover turned out to be the plastic...
  12. M

    need to get bsnl (kerala) caller tune codes, or the resources -reg

    dear, well, i m interested to get the bsnl(kerala) caller tunes codes of latest songs or even the sources frm wh site, i can get. pls help me in this matter thanks in advance mobileman
  13. vandit

    about migg33 caller id.

    hey does anyone know how to find out the number of a migg 33 caller...he has been harrassing me since quite a few days....i know it is the work of migg33 but dunno who it is...
  14. digiFriend

    does call ID phone interfere with broad band;

    during dialup days, caller id phone was interfering with internet connection. i have to remove that phone . now wants to buy another caller ID phone.i wants to know if broadband has any problem with this type phone. anyone using broad band and caller id phone has any problem?
  15. M

    Software for N70

    I wish to know if any free software is available for N70 to do the following 1. Expense Tracker - to track expenses 2. call logging - to log which number was called and for what duration 3. Caller details - Currently only the name of the caller is displayed when I receive a call, provided...
  16. M

    About HUTCH caller tunes..PLZ help,.......

    Hey guys,i have certain questions regarding Hutch caller tunes. First i send an " CT ACT" to 123 toactivate caller tunes. Then i selected "Kyo Ki" as my caller tune with CT 11101 to 123. Now my questions are... 1> How long willl it take to activate caller tunes. 2> I think there are...
  17. R

    Unable to get caller ID No. on screen of All-in-one.

    I am having a HP 4255 All-in-one which also have the caller id facilty. I am getting caller id on my phone in the home and same line I have connected to All-in-one also. However, I am unable to get the caller id (means the no of receiving phone ring) on its screen. Its screen displays only...
  18. K

    Top 5 signs of mobile phone tapping

    1:) the caller didn't say anything when u pick the phone,it means he is tapping or may be not becoz it could be also ur friend.if the caller end the call then it migh be a case of mobile tapping. 2:) u hear ur voice also when talking. 3:)crosss talk a 4:)u put the reciever down but the...
  19. E

    Caller id events not working

    I have installed caller id events and using D-link dfm 562 e++ external Modem. link to caller id events http://www.teley.com/products/cidevents/download/cidevents1.exe phone tray free and phone tray dial up shows the incoming caller number . but called id detects an incoming call but...
  20. E

    Caller id software with caller photo

    do any one know any shareware of free ware that shows caller id info ad the photo of the incoming caller
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