Wireless Key Board Problem

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I had some days ago pressed the Connect Button on the back side of Microsoft 700 Wireless Keyboard. Now the keyboard is not at all responding. The mouse is however working even after i had pressed the connect button on its back.

Please help how do I make the KB work.


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I guess the Keyboard would be battery operated and since you say that mouse works after u press the connect button, Try removing the batteries of KB and putting back again and then press Connect Button. Also make sure that the sensor is not too far away or there are not too many distractions betn the sensor and KB


I am facing the same problem with my logitech wireless keyboard. Mouse is working fine but kb is not responding at all. I tried fresh batteries but no result. also tried changing the usb port for receiver but no result. I believe the kb is dead. cannot figure out the issue.

any suggestion?


replace the kbd batteries with new ones.press the connect button on the receiver and then the one on he back of the kbd.if it doesnt wrk,send it 4 replacement.


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Yes try replcing the batteries and even if the problem persists then if it is in the Warrenty period then visit your Service Center.
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