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  1. sujeet2555

    Copying file from mobile to PC bug

    i have an android mobile and i am facing a very peculiar problem .i have googled it but i haven't found a solution yet .mobile has 32 GB card and i transfer files from mobile to PC (win7) using USB cable using MTP mode .i have lot of images on my card like 6-7 GB .i wanted to transfer to my PC...
  2. G

    BSOD 124 while gaming....new gaming rig...

    hello everyone, In nov.2014, i built my brand new gaming rig.(Link : http://www.digit.in/forum/show-off/188648-my-1-7-lac-gaming-rig.html) Everything was fine till January and suddenly one day when i was playing Assassins Creed IV:Black Flag...my computer crashed with BSOD error code 124, i...
  3. T

    The Upgrade bug is back

    Alright Basically I don't really need to upgrade the PC but every 1-2 years I get this upgrade bug infection and I spend extra funds :-D ps: Basically I am gamer. Play like SC2, Warhammer 40k etc & other RTS games. So I have like 20-25k budget. My Config is in the Signature. Which...
  4. Allu Azad

    The Heartbleed Bug

    I am surprised that this hasn't been posted here yet. Heartbleed Bug Test your server for Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160)
  5. R

    Bug Reporter Denied his Award after Reporting a Bug that could let you post on Zuckerberg's Wall

    Khalil Shreateh, a self-professed IT expert from Palestine tried reporting a bug to Facebook which could let you post to anyone's wall even if you aren't on their friends list. He stated that he first tested the bug on Sarah Goodins and then he reported the Bug through the Facebooks Whitehat...
  6. ico

    weird bug related to "Post your latest purchase thread"

    the bug is, if any one opens this thread - http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/chit-chat/45694-post-your-latest-purchase.html and then tries to browse the forum...the forum becomes slow and pages top loading. Everything times out for 20 minutes. Anyone facing this problem?
  7. Flash

    Security Loophole In Facebook’s Camera App Allowed Hackers To Hijack Accounts Over WiFi

    He reported back to Fb, and this is what they replied: More on: Security Loophole In Facebook’s Camera App Allowed Hackers To Hijack Accounts Over WiFi [Confirmed] | TechCrunch
  8. A

    having problem with ics update

    first of all, sorry if i posted this on wrong place, please excuse me, i need real assistance. I will tell my issue , please help me I bought a Sony Xperia P from ebay.in on 7th NOV. When i received phone it was 2.3.7. 2 days back i updated it to android 4.0.4. My firmware number is...
  9. S

    Intel Fixes VT-d Bug in Sandy Bridge-E CPUs

    Hi Guys, What does this mean. See link Intel Fixes VT-d Bug in Sandy Bridge-E CPUs Well, I am confused. I interpret it as the CPUs available till very recently of Sandy Bridge platform had buggy VT-D Any pointers/Inputs? Has anyone tried VTD on i7-2600K? Thanks
  10. Zangetsu

    Self Messaging in Forum..a bug or not a bug?

    Hi Guys, :Wave: :chinscratch: Couldn't decide whether its a Bug or not a bug. otherwise I wud have posted in TDF bug reporting thread... Do you know that u can PM (Private Message) & also Visitor Message to yourself same as u can email to yourself... this is also applicable to SMS to same...
  11. Z

    Fm Transmitter Bug

    I want 2 know that what will be the cost of FM TRANSMITTER BUG that is given in ur FAST TRACK "TO DIY 20" june 2010 edition.Will this work as a radio station? I mean to say that if once it is on anyone can tune there radio set to the frequency of the transmitter and listen it.It is also given...
  12. T

    Mantis Bug tracker

    Hi, I want Free version of mantis bugtracking tool if anyone have please reply to me.
  13. esumitkumar

    Bug in digit search function !!!

    I am posting this bug here as TDF is not allowing me to post in feedback As being a full time QA Analyst , I discovered a bug in digit google search function ..:razz::razz::razz: When trying to search a movie name like The Hangover, its showing incorrect page no in search so the link always...
  14. topgear

    Microsoft Patching 17-year-old Windows/DOS Bug

    A patch is on the way to fix up that ancient Virtual DOS Machine flaw. Last month we reported that Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher at Google, discovered a security flaw in the Virtual DOS Machine that can allow a nefarious user to inject code into the kernel and possibly install...
  15. topgear

    How to Make Internet Explorer 6 Crash Instantly

    It's definitely no Konami code. Most of you are likely to be running one of the most recent versions of your browser of choice, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari; so hopefully this little bug won't take your browser down. It's been discovered and now popularly...
  16. angie

    firefox 3.5 bug accelerates 3.5.1 release

    Developers on the "Shiretoko" track for Mozilla's new open source Firefox 3.5 Web browser now have very good reason to expect a ship date for the first round of bug fixes and vulnerabilities. A very big vulnerability has turned up in just the wrong place: a public site for posting exploits. Source
  17. A

    Thinkdigit Problem

    Check this picture! Is this a bug or a regular experiment by the Admins or a problem just for me??
  18. max_demon

    Why My thread automatically gets deleated ?

    Anyone else facing this problem ? is that DIgit forum bug ? or Mods are doing their work ? IT is Wierd!
  19. Krazy Bluez

    Total Views=Replies+1....bug fixed

    Well I think someone's had been hearing our complains for a while, so a major bug has been fixed...hurray....now if they just changed the theme back to normal...guess I'm day dreaming...
  20. max_demon

    Visual Force Feedback and other cool cursur stuff

    http://www.powercursor.com/examples/ This is amazing i liked the cursur bug
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