Copying file from mobile to PC bug


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i have an android mobile and i am facing a very peculiar problem .i have googled it but i haven't found a solution yet .mobile has 32 GB card and i transfer files from mobile to PC (win7) using USB cable using MTP mode .i have lot of images on my card like 6-7 GB .i wanted to transfer to my PC .first it starts to copying after so much time showing calculating time message .then it starts to copying but eventually i get hard disk becoming full message in between. i have a lot of space on that specific drive line 90 GB.when i checked the size of files i have copied it is barely 800-900 MB .deleting them permanently doesn't free up space. but if i restarts the PC space become free again .
it is just annoying and i am unable to transfer my files .also i don't have a card reader now .Please help me.
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