1. sujeet2555

    DVD Buners:LG GH24NS95 or GH24NS71/GH24NS72

    i need to change my old wasted LG GH24NS50 and want to buy a new one .i am confused between these two models GH24NS95 or GH24NS71 .s95 has only .75 MB buffer but support M-disc that i am not using in future .S71 has 2MB buffer .which is the better one ?
  2. csczero

    Youtube Buffer prob Windows XP

    First i thought it was my internet connection which is having problem ( BSNL 2mbps ). Later i found out that any streaming content in windows xp takes time to load buffers all the time while download speed (through Downloaders ) is pretty good ( 170 -180 Kbps), tried it in all browsers, IE...
  3. VarDOS

    How's this config?

    Hi Friends, My friend is buying a PC and I'm the one to suggest him the config. I've selected the following config on his tight Budget 35k. It will be for Home Use + Moderate Gaming. Here it is. Processor : AMD Phenom X2 555BE Motherboard ...
  4. P

    hitting the TB mark!

    i am looking for a 1TB internal HDD the choices are obviously, Western Digital GREEN(3 platters)32MB Buffer "WD10EADS" vs Seagate 7200.12(2platters) 32MB Buffer "ST31000528AS" after some reading, i found out that Seagate is cheaper,has better speed,less noise and...
  5. T

    Upgrade PC for video editing

    Well, here is my current configuration AMD 64 X2 5200+ Graphics card is built in 2 GIG ram 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD with 16 MB buffer Encoding videos takes way too long.. Willing to spend about 10k, need better performance (faster encoding) Thanks in advance..
  6. a_to_z123

    Ho do I determine the buffer size of my HDD?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to ask how can I determine the buffer size of my HDD?? Any paticular SW to do so?? Thx.
  7. harishgayatri

    Need to Buy a SATA I HDD

    320GB 16MB buffer Please tell me the SATA Drives which are SATA I and II complatible
  8. ashok@digit

    A PC for a father and daughter duo...

    …and in a pinch Its time to upgrade my 2000 vintage IBM with an updated rig. Usage will be daughter’s school work and my video and audio processing. Tentative configuration: STANDARD CONFIG (Budget approx Rs. 20,000) Processor Core 2 Duo 2.80Ghz E7400 - 3MB L2...
  9. G

    Buffer overfloe and Winlogon error

    My PC specs are : Intel-815EEA MB, Pentium III-800 MHZ, 256 MB RAM, Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0. In the recent past the following two messages are frequently displayed 1. VirusScan Alert! ( This message is displayed by Mcafee) Pathname: C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe::Read file...
  10. pushkaraj

    Suggest config under 25k

    Hey friends, one of my friends needs a buy a system under 25k. I have suggested him the following config. The prices are frm TheITWares and some prices seem to be slightly high. The figures written at the end of each line are the prices. Plz suggest me the best possible config in the...
  11. sravan

    Knowing amount of VRAM

    I recently bought gigabyte eg31m-s2l motherboard. Now,how can I know amount of VRAM ?? In BIOS , I can see a option "on chip frame buffer....." which is set to 8MB + 1MB. Is this the onboard video memory???
  12. M

    Give suggestion to buy an External Hard Drive

    I want to buy an External Hard Drive of 360 between 500 GB.My buget is between RS 3500 to RS 4000.i want branded company.And it should have following features 1:Faster data transferred. 2:Drive with at least a 8 MB buffer or more. 3:RPM 7200rpm or more. 4:Slim and Sexy. 5:USB 2.0 interface.
  13. R

    4 seagate hdd, which disk should have the OS?

    NEED URGENT REPLY I am about to format my system, I have 4 seagate hdd having different specs ranging 2mb buffer to 32mb buffer. Detailed spec can be checked here *www.seagate.com/www/en-us/ ST3160211AS-160gb /2mb buffer (4yrs old) ST3250624AS-250gb /16mb buffer (3yrs old)...
  14. R

    hdd rates-seagate 1tb-1.5tb

    Is this a good rate for (got it from nehru place dealer) Seagate 1tb hdd 32mb buffer Rs 7750/- ST31000333AS- *tinyurl.com/58lkjk Seagate1.5tb hdd32mb buffer Rs 11000/- ST31500341AS- *tinyurl.com/4ocovq Need to buy it today so a speedy response & views are welcome.
  15. Cool G5

    Hard Disk Under 4K - Laundry list of Queries

    I want to buy a new SATA Hard Disk for my PC. I have a budget of Rs.4000. My System Config : P4 2.0 GHZ 768 MB RAM (512 MB + 256 MB) MSI PM8M V motherboard Zebronics 7300 GT AGP graphic card I would plug the HDD on my MSI PM8M V motherboard. I think it has a SATA I port. Will it be ok...
  16. slugger

    VLC Media Player Vulnerable to Attack

    just came across this piece of NEWS SOURCE
  17. tango_cash

    Need help in buying 2 harddisks.confused with buffer size,perpendicular recording....

    hi people i want to buy 2 hardisks. i am thinking of a 320gb SATA hdd which i will put inside my computer with my existing hdd. and the other one a 250gb PATA hdd which i will put in a casing to use it as a external hdd.the reason i am buying a PATA hdd is bcoz of lack of avalibility of SATA...
  18. nishantv2003

    New Super Fast HDD...

    Guys currently i own a seagate 250gb sata2 hdd(7200.10 with 8mb buffer). now im thinking to upgrade my hdd, so guys what should i do?? should i go for 320gb with 16mb buffer and sell my 250gb, or should i buy another 80gb 10k rpm cheetah or any thing like it, and keep my current hdd, and...
  19. M

    Hey Wanna ur assistance Plz its urgent..

    Hey guy's; i am having a problem in installing the linux on my pc:(. My pc config r intel celeron 433MHz, 390MB Ram, Samsung 45Bn Monitor, TVS Keyboard. it is givin the error msg as Buffer i/o error .... at block 0 some thing the same with every linux ubuntu, xubuntu Plz Help me
  20. V

    HDD buffer and speaker costs

    hi frnds i have got two queries i want to buy the 250gb HDD. i planned to buy seagate but 16mb buffer model is not available in our place. so will the 8mb buffer model b ok or 16mb buffer has an worthwhile advantage? i tried for WD but the hdd costs 3300 rs. so wot to do? also, i was planning...
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