Should I get new BSNL broadband or stick with MTS ?


Hi ,
I am using MTS' 999 plan now. I am from Kerala.
Which gives 40 GB usage. 15 GB day and 25 GB night.
This plan is not listed in their site because I got it after a fight with them.

The problem is , upto 5 GB I am getting 200-300 KBps speed.
after that I get around 100-120 KBps speed.
But the speed is not stable. Sometimes It will be like 10-20 KBps.
Sometimes it wont connect at all.
out of 30 days, 20 Days will be Ok , other days , I will have some headaches with the network.
I use a minimum of 40 GB , max 55 GB per month (using speed-booster).
Bill is 1200 to 1700 RS/M.

I am thinking of changing into
BBG ULD1275 - Upto 4 Mbps till 20 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 20 GB
BBG Combo ULD 999@ - Upto 4Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GB

But the speed after FPU is 60KBps , I am getting 100KBps in my MTS now.

Should I upgrade ?
or stay with MTS

My needs/usage
  1. Movie downloads - minimum 20GB data/month
  2. Youtube - at least 10 hour/week
  3. Games/Apps (for PC and phone)
  4. Torrents - movies/songs etc..

and a lot of browsing - shopping sites/ tech sites etc..
(Note: by KBps I mean "Kilo Bytes")


Search for local ISPs. Don't pick BSNL 512 kbps internet.

Keralavision LTD
If the first table is for true unlimited connections, get the one which you like.

Internet tariff plans

Seems better than BSNL's crap.

Edit 2:

Choosing BSNL isn't an upgrade, it is more like reverting back to pre-alpha stage. :lol:
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Dont have other options here. Only BSNL... Others are 3G networks - which are a lot more costly and unstable.
I think , I will stay away from BSNL considering your opinions. [MENTION=145143]SaiyanGoku[/MENTION], thanks for sharing the link. I didn't know about that, I will try to contact them for more info. I think thier service is not available in my locality.


It feels frustrated when my MTS hits its 40GB limit and asks me to activate speedbooster plans... 5 GB extra speedbooster costs 350RS.
My last month MTS bill is 1700Rs.
I think [MENTION=126812]whitestar_999[/MENTION] said BSNL plan of Rs.1445/- is good.
As I am getting only 128KBps/less most time with MTS, I will be able to use atleast 80GB/month with BSNL....


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BSNL also has something similar.
BSNL Broadband has several unlimited plans but each plan comes with a FUP or Fair Usage Policy limit. Under this limit, the plans run to a high speed till certain limit but beyond that, there is speed drop. Recently, BSNL has come up with a TopUp feature where one can regain the high speed by paying certain extra cost. The TopUp works for the higher speed till you exhaust the additional data transfer or your new billing cycle starts.
The TopUp plans available are as follows:
Rs. 100 for 2 GB
Rs. 200 for 5 GB
Rs. 300 for 10 GB
Rs. 500 for 20 GB
The additional cost is added to your broadband bill.To TopUp, you would see a message from BSNL once your FUP is reached. The pop-up message enables you to do the Top-Up or reject it.


I have done that search .
But my home is 15 KM away from city. We have most of the wireless netwoeks here, including WiMax.
But Wired connection.. only BSNL.

I have a mind to get BSNL's 1Mbps unlimited connection now....
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