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Check Your Excitel Usage !!!

Discussion in 'Broadband and DTH' started by dexer, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. dexer

    dexer New Member

    Nov 29, 2017
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    I am very keen to know my broadband usage .
    Excitel Broadband used to have this feature.
    But now we can only see the usage of multiple sessions and can calculate the monthly usage .
    So I decided to write a program to automate this
    First I decided to use DOM parser for the web page but Excitel uses angularjs for their development enviroment which is very difficult to parse.
    Being a Java lover
    I decided to write a java code for this.

    Perquisite :-
    1. Basic knowledge of cmd or any Java IDE
    2. Java must be installed onto your system

    Steps to check your monthly usage :-
    1. Login into myexcitel
    2. Go into Sessions
    3. Select the month
    4. Select all the entries and copy-paste it into a notepad(.txt) file
    5. Download the java program file using the link below
    6. Compile the Excitel.java
    6.1 open cmd
    6.2 navigate to the folder using cd command
    6.3 Compile
    javac Excitel.java
    7. Execute
    java Excitel path-to-file-with-extension

    Link to the file bit.ly/excitelusage

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