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  1. william

    Where are the colours??

    I am using a CRt monitor manufactured by MICROTEK. two three days ago i was just playing with the setting of the screen after doing that i started adjusting the contrast and brightness. Noe the problem is that everything colors are quite dark now , i tried to increase the brightness but it is...
  2. M

    Ideal brightness and contrast ?

    what should be ideal brightness and contrast of monitor....... with antiglare screen....? without antiglare screen ?
  3. praka123

    Linux washing powder for brightness!

    :) see the link for Yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_%28washing_powder%29
  4. S

    Dark videos, pictures and games

    My monitor displays all my videos and pictures in a slightly dark shade i.e, brightness and contrast are low.. A friend suggested that I adjust the overlay settings of the video card but my nVidia Riva TNT has only brightness and contrast settings for the desktop and not for overlay (the sliders...
  5. Generic Superhero

    brightness and contrast of monitor

    i need help to change the brightness and contrast settings of my monitor to get a display that is most soothing to the eyes. what shud ideally be the values of brightness and contrast to get such a display? and wat shud be the color temperature?
  6. huzaifa b arab

    Please Help ! A big Quiz really!

    I have an assembled Pc Having a 733 Mhz celeron processor,Intel 82810 motherboard with 128 Mb of Ram, a 20 GB seagate Hard disk and Only windows Xp installed on it. Q1:I cannot install Windows 98se on my pc. Even though i have formatted my c drive , after compleation of my installation ,at...
  7. M

    Monitor too Dark

    Hi! My Monitor is too dark when I watch movies, and play general games.. but If I play games which have a gamma modifier like Unreal, then the display is fine. I tried increasing the brightness in the Preferences section of DivX player, but, it doesn't change anything a bit. I can't seem to find...
  8. P

    display is bloody dark!

    Hi all! I have a peculiar problem. My comp (P3, 512MB SDRAM, Win2k) recently went away for an overhaul and came back with a few bells and whistles added. However, the display is just too dark! I can see the desktop fine and word files etc are fine, but open a photo/movie/game and the dark areas...
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