1. R

    Asus s1 led projector review

    Introduction Who doesn't like large screens? They are great for movies, games and at times even productivity. Projectors are nothing new, they have been around for decades, but were mostly limited to auditoriums and offices. One of the main reasons they did not go mainstream till recently is...
  2. D

    toshiba laptop screen brightness error

    Dear all I accidently deleted the recovery partition toshiba l55-a5299 model while installing linux and moreover my laptop's screen is flickering when i plug in AC adapter.the battery icon in the right side of task bar is blinking. and screen flickers from full brightness to low brightness...
  3. S

    LG LA 6910 or Sony W800

    LG 42LA 6910 or Sony 42W 800? Hi Guys, It's 3 months now since I have been waiting for new TV releases. Today I visited nearest TV store to check new models from LG & Sony. I found these 2 MODELS suits my budget and requirements.. Friends please suggest me right one :) LG 42LA6910 (OR) SONY...
  4. M

    brightness problem in samsung series 5 notebook

    hi guys! i recently purchased a samsung series 5 notebook (NP510R5E-A01UB) and it has a weird brightness problem.. its on windows 8.. whenever i open my laptop when its charging it open with full brightness.. but if i open it n its not charging then it opens up at half brightness and m not able...
  5. R

    New Lenovo. Zero Brightness

    I bought a new lenovo G580, Just started up and was tinkering with settings and set brightness to minimum. now I cannot see anything. please help Urgently
  6. club_pranay

    Keyboard Keys - Brightness Control

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN series Laptop. Originally shipped with Windows 7 x64 Home Edition(OEM). It had Fn keys combination to control volume and brightness. A nice overlay would show up on the screen to show current levels Fn + F3: Volume Down Fn + F4: Volume Up Fn + F5: Brightness Down Fn + F6...
  7. A

    Samsung S20A300N hurts eyes help

    i bought new samsung SyncMaster S20A300N /S20A350N led 20 inch, its such a great display but after about half hour of usage, it starts irritating the eyes, i've searched the internet on this but no good. Brightness, contrast, color controls do not help, i've tried i tried calibration helped...
  8. G

    Help!! My monitor's display fogged out....

    Hello techies, Recently, my monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 591s) has got a problem with the display. The screen appears to be fogged out. I mean, it is too much brighter than earlier and screen appears to be washed out! But the brightness n contrast settings are same as earlier. I did not change...
  9. doomgiver

    laptop screen flickers(hp dv 6846tx or dv6000)

    hi guys. i have this strange problem. my laptop's screen flickers in brightness in a random manner. i've had this problem for a long time. the screen will become darker, then brighter, very quickly. normally, the brightness is changed gradually by the brightness buttons, but here, it flickers...
  10. R2K

    any case of LCD screen damage

    Recently i read somewhere that if u keep the brightness of the laptop LCD or those desktop LCD screens toooo high it will get was written that if the brightness is set to its maximum and being used for a extented period of time then the LED of the screeen will get damaged thereby...
  11. rohitshubham


    hi My moniter's menu automaically open up and automatically changes brightness etc. how is this happening My moniter is HCL HCM780M
  12. Most Wanted

    HCL Monitor

    My one of HCL monitors menu automatically pop up and hide many times. and it automatically reduces the brightness to 0 . what is the problem here?
  13. ashu888ashu888

    Video playing in WInamp or other MEdia players is WHITISH !

    Ok guys, here is a strange problem that Im facing... Wenever I play any movie file using sny of these MEdia Players---> WInamp, VLC, Div X, Nero MEdia Player... the movie appears to be White in color (as if the Contrast and/or brightness) has been increased to the ALMOST full MAX.. I DO...
  14. aminsagar123

    HP Laptop. Display Brightness Problem.

    Hi Friends, I have HP DV6767 Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. Like all HP laptops i can increase and decrease the display brightness by using Fn+F7 and Fn+F8 keys. But sometimes after waking the computer from Hibernate. The change display brightness keys doesn't work. Also if i open...
  15. desiibond

    Dell SE-198WFT review

    Dell SE-198WFP review Specification: Product Details and Features Key Features Monitor Type : Flat Panel LCD TFT (Active Matrix) Contrast Ratio - 1,000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10 Brightness : 300 cd/m² Response Time : 5 ms Dot Pitch : 0.285 mm...
  16. devilinearth

    Laptop Screen Flickering...Help Needed

    Hi All.:p..i need some help... Last month i bought an Acer Laptop...its Acer Aspire 4720...linux was the os in i told the computer shop guy to load windows xp in it...he the problem is that...the screen flickers at low brightness...the screen only luks gud at maximum...
  17. Jags

    monitor not working :(

    well actually its the buttons on the monitor which are used to adjust brightness, contrast, stretch screen-sizee etc. that are not working :( just wanted to know.. is their any s/w related solution for this can I adjust the screen size, brightness, contrast with some...
  18. dreams

    Faded Monitor!!!

    Hi techies.. I own a HCL HCM582 Monitor..The problem is..the colors are not bright as normal..they look faded..very well as thr is no brightness..i tried adjusting the go..BTW its a CRT monitor. Wat's the problem??
  19. J

    Viewsonic LCD Warranty Problem

    My Viewsonic LCD monitor VX922 bought about seven months back is having a serious display problem. Its brightness suddenly decreased to the minimum. The monitor's menu for adjusting brightness is always there on the screen and on pressing the button to increase the brightness, the brightness...
  20. gofeddy

    Monitor settings

    Hello, I want my monitor to have a good healthy long life. So I wanted some suggestions on some of its settings such as brightness and contrast which could keep it going on for a long time. My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 793s. Currently brightness - 50, contrast - 100.
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