1. S

    Load Drivers Message while installing windows using bootable usb drive

    I have been trying to install Windows on a PC whose current OS is corrupt. But I am unable to bypass the Load Driver wizard which appears during installation.Can anyone please help?
  2. bssunilreddy

    Create bootable USB drives the easy way !

    Hai, Create bootable USB drives the easy way Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. It can be especially useful for cases where: you need to create USB installation media from bootable...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Recovering Pendrive after making it bootable

    I had made my usb drive bootable for installing win7 using the method given below but the light had gone after using the command Type “format fs = ntfs quick” and hit “ENTER” and when 65% of format was done. Now when I again opened the PC and saw the pen drive in cmd it is showing and using...
  4. P

    Bootable iso image of Oracle Linux

    Hi, I want to download the bootable version of oracle linux, but they are showing as update1, update2. confused which one to download. Need help to download the image.
  5. harshilsharma63

    Need small tool to browse HDD when WIndows fails

    Recently, one of my neighborer's Windows went corrupt and he needed to copy some files urgently. His optial drve doesn't work so I thought of creating a bootable Ubuntu disk. 7z reported 59 min. as the completion time after 10 min, so I stopped. What I need is a small (As small as possible)...
  6. B

    unable to install ubuntu 12 lts alongside windows7

    respected all, this is my first post to this forum. my problem is that i want to install ubuntu 12 lts version alongside window 7 but when i tried to install it it jiust show me loading but nothing hAppens even after a long time. i have tried both from bootable usb stick and also from the...
  7. T

    Making pen drive bootable from Linux for installing Windows 7

    I want to install Windows 7. Linux is already installed. Have copied all the setup files from computer to pen drive. Now only thing left is to make that pd bootable. In windows one can browse to the path of setup files from cmd & then run bootsect command. But the problem is how to do that from...
  8. H

    Windows 8 bootable DVD

    Hello friends, i want to make a windows 8 bootable DVD using the setup files stored in my computer. But i don't have the win 8 boot information file or .bif file to make a bootable disk. can anybody know where to download that .bif file or any other method to make bootable disk. Note that i...
  9. P

    how to make 32 bit and 64 bit bootable dvds from one bootable dvd

    One of my friends has a windows 7 installation dvd that contains both 32 bit and 64 bit windows 7 ultimate edition. Can somebody please guide how to create 32 bit and 64 bit bootable dvds separately from this?
  10. quicky008

    Boot issue with ASrock 845GV-m motherboard

    One of my neighbours has a Celeron cpu based system that uses an older Asrock 845GV-m motherboard.I recently attempted to format and install windows xp on his system but discovered that his system could not boot from the Windows xp installation disc.To fix this issue,i set the first boot device...
  11. B

    how to create bootable pendrive in XP

    how to create bootable pendrive in XP
  12. D

    How to make a bootable usb of osx lion on windows 7 pc itself

    Hello I have a hp pavilion dv6-6165tx powered by Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz | Radeon HD 6770M 2GB GDDR5 running Catalyst 12.11 | 8 GB DDR3 RAM | Inbuilt 750GB HDD I like to install osx lion on my laptop. But i have seen that i need a mac book to create a bootable usb of osx lion. But i and...
  13. patkim

    Unable to create USB bootable Mint 12

    I tried creating a USB bootable from Mint 12 iso using Unetbootin for windows. However I continue to get Boot Failure msg when actual booting. USB drive is bootable suppoted and I have checked it by creaing MS DOS boot on it and booting to dos. Could someone help or suggest how to go about...
  14. kool

    ►►►► How to make bootable win7 + xp + antivirus + HIRENBOOT+ UBCD on 8GB USB DRIVE ?

    Hi guys, Recently bought a Kingston DATATraveler G3 8GB which has very low transfer rate. So i want to use this USB drive as emergency bootable win7+xp+hiren+ubcd. :P I mean, i want this pen drive to install Win7 or XP or other useful software/driver thru changing boot device to USB in any...
  15. H

    Black screen bios corrupted?

    Hey I was updating my bios from official intel site for my motherboard intel dg33fb and installation went fine and after that I was told to reset it which I did but screen went black and is like that ever since I even downloaded the recovery bios bought a new USB flash drive made it bootable...
  16. X

    Usb linux bootable problem!!!!

    I was trying to install ubuntu on my physical hard drive and to pace up the process I thought i should use bootable usb. When i made usb bootable (4gb san-disk) windows did not pick it up, more over it only shows now the capacity of pen-drive as 1 Gb (the setup of linux was about 3 gigs). So i...
  17. clmlbx

    how to run windows xp setup from hard-idsk

    well problem is My friend has an laptop with broken cd rom.. I tried making bootable usb but somehow bootable xp on USB does not boot in that laptop.. so I copied xp setup to hard disk and tried booting to dos and run setup but it did not work as after booting to dos it does not show hard disk...
  18. ramakanta

    bootable usb !!

    How to create bootable usb from iso . please help me. thank you.:oops:
  19. S

    [SOLVED]Making bootable dvd

    I downloaded an iso file of windows 7 but i cant understand how to make a bootable dvd of it using iso plz help me soon thanks
  20. desiJATT

    Free bootable partition managers

    Guys, i am in need of a free but still fully functional bootable partition manager, which supports all Windows file system, and preferably also supports Linux formats likes ext3, ext4 etc. Also, it should allow all features like merging, deleting, creating new partition or resizing the present...
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