1. theserpent

    Bookmarks not getting saved

    Hey guys.i use google chrome but when i bookmark it doesnt get saved. To check the bookmarked page.I have to go to bookmarks>bookmark manger>recent. Why isnt it directly saving to bookmarks :-?
  2. K

    Deleting unwanted bookmarks

    Hi Guys, How to delete unwanted BOOKMARKS on OPERA BROWSER(Version-11.52)?
  3. I

    Software to save bookmarks from web browser

    Friends, i use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser. I have bookmarked many a pages & categorised them in custom folders. I want to move or copy these saved bookmarks from my browser, carry them on a flash drive & also back them up on a recordable media. Could any of you suggest a software that...
  4. v.Na5h

    Share your 'Daily Internet Routine' Thread

    Heres mine - Google Reader Updates Facebook What's New? in TEchenclave ThinkDigit YouTube - Subscriptions Symbian S60v5 Forum and one more warez related which the rules forbid to share here I have added these bookmarks in a 'folder'... and the first thing i...
  5. leo61611616

    Backup and Restore All Browsers

    Wouldn't you like a single application that can backup and restore all browsers installed on your computer, instead of having to do them manually or using individual application for each browser? Then that's exactly what FavBackup does. It can backup/restore your profile, settings, bookmarks...
  6. azzu

    Importing bookmarks from Previous Windows Installation

    Okay ,, i got a new computer so.. installed Windows (xp) on it now on my old computer harddisk i have lots of bookmarks in Firefox.. and the main problem is some how windows got corrupted and i cant boot in to Windows Xp.. but i can connect the Hdd to my new Rig and iam able to access all...
  7. ritesh.techie

    Bookmark Sync - New Google Service Launched

    Detailed Post available at Source
  8. S

    bookmark YOUR FAVOURITED SITE ONLINE Our Features are: Bookmark all your favourite websites that you find and all your bookmarks anywhere you are. Organize all your bookmarks by category and browse them easily. So COme Join Our World!
  9. Krazy Bluez

    Share your Bookmarks !

    Hey guys ! This idea came up to me, this is so as the bookmarks is the place where you store all your frequent visited sites in one place and for future reference. This may seems like Stumble Upon but its different altogether. Hope to see many more to come...:D
  10. paroh

    Lot of firefox extensions

    * This package contains 58 extensions to boost your productivity including custom extension images. You can install any of these extensions seperatly or all at once. Vista-Black theme included. 1. 2 Pane Bookmarks 0.3.2007033002 -...
  11. ashu888ashu888

    Transferring FF bookmarks into IE7 favourites

    Hey guys, I knw that wen we first start FF (wen its not the default browser) it asks wether or not to transfer the favourites from the IE7 browser, wen clicked on YES, all favourites are transferred to the FF bookmarks section as folders and webpages. (bookmarks in FF are the same as...
  12. smile

    Firefox problem

    Hi, Everyone:) I have store the Bookmarks in firefox ,whenever i start my pc the bookmarks are missing .I tried a lot of time storing Bookmarks but its no use it will not be there again if i start my pc next time.I have installed all the version of Firefox but in vain.No result.Can anyone...
  13. Faun

    Friggin awesome uphill driving !

    Its a response to the email forwarded to me by Kooly. I almost forgot about this video and now just searched it in bookmarks. Watch it and feel it. * lolz
  14. xbonez

    Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

    I'm using Mozilla Firefox 3 RC1. How can i increase the size of my bookmarks toolbar to 2 rows instead of the default 1?
  15. B

    Firefox is corrupt

    my firefox suddenly stopped working yesterday, no webpage seems to open. when i open firefox i get a pop-up titled Alert! saying that network connection could not be established. i would like to mention that i installed the following extensions, incase it helps.. 1. Google browser sync 2...
  16. digit i am thinking

    Firefox not running,I want my Bookmarks

    I don't know what happen but firefox suddenly ask me to close the prog. (may be because of some ActiveXcontrols) after that i tried to relaunch the firefox but i got popup saying that firefox encountered a prob. and needs to closed. I reinstall firefox but no use :( Since then i can't able...
  17. ajayritik

    How to Import favorites in Mozilla?

    Before you all people tell that I could have searched in google I would like to tell you that I did search in google. I took a backup of my bookmarks in Mozilla. But now after I reinstalled XP on my computer I' m unable to import the favorites. When I click on the bookmarks file which I had...
  18. JohnephSi

    Mozilla firefox bookmark restore

    I ve deleted my previous account n in my new account my Mozilla firefox bookmarks were all gone. Is there any way to restore the bookmarks ................... Any 1 plz help me
  19. bajaj151

    Bookmark Importing Problem in Firefox

    Few days back, I exported bookmark, now I want to add all bookmarks, how can I import all my bookmarks ?
  20. cool_callis

    which is best bookmark manager

    frndz suggest me a good bookmark manager.... i have large no of bookmarks and to organize them i need a good bookmark manager
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