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  1. wewe

    Google Has Stopped Indexing Blog

    Hi, 1.] for the past month i noticed that Google has stopped indexing my Blog, despite updating it with regular writings. 2.] Logged into Google Webmaster Console & found that some recent posts were showing Redirect errors. No action from my end prior to this, AFAIK. 3.] Did a link check &...
  2. N

    How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings!

    Hello, everyone ! I started a blog a few months back with blogger platform. Now after sometimes I found it improving in terms of organic response and searches I am thinking to upgrade it to WordPress. Now I looked over many how to video and read a lot of blogs , but very confusion about...
  3. sameermanas

    Need a good performing touch laptop at 45k!

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for an Ultrabook/Laptop that fits my work needs as well as occasional gaming. I am unable to find the additional features such as Backlit keyboard, touchscreen and decent battery life in many configurations. I am a blogger, so these features would be a great boost to my...
  4. ariftwister

    New SMS Hack Easily Force Reboots Some MediaTek-Based Smartphones

    A newly found and rather simple SMS-based hack is said to be affecting some smartphones running on MediaTek processors, rebooting the devices without the user's consent. The SMS-based hack for the Mediatek-based handsets has been discovered by a blogger named Korben (via Neowin), and is said to...
  5. Jim Kirk

    Hindi Website on Blogger ?

    I am currently working on a blog which I have created on Blogger. The articles which I paste from my word file on blogger are in hindi language, so when I paste them I appears correctly to me. But when i check my website on some other PC. Instead of hindi, some unknown characters appears on my...
  6. M

    Google blog/website and adsense

    Friend i want to know wether can i make website/blog for clints and made earn? By using http://sites.google.com and also using google blogger? Also want to know if i wud signup for google adsense then how is profitable
  7. P

    How long does it takes to activate a domain ?

    I have a blog at blogger. I wanted to have my own domain and found the name I wanted with '.in' only, .com was already taken. When I wanted to buy it via blogger from Godaddy.com I could not because via blogger .in was not offered. So I directly purchased the domain from Godaddy.com Next...
  8. Shah

    Free Simple Blogger Templates

    I want a simple 2-column blogger template for a blog which is based on tech gadgets. Below is the list of features i want. 2-Column Ads-Ready Simple Look Should load faster
  9. W

    Need a Tech Blogger

    Hello, I need a technology blogger who has to blog along with me on my unstarted blog. If intrested PM me to get more details Thank You Web
  10. ritesh.techie

    Blogger XML file

    I have created a blogger template few months ago, which I would like to sell here, If any blogger want to buy it they can PM me. Here is link
  11. ritesh.techie

    How To: Move from Wordpress to Blogger

    WordPress though is a good platform for starting a new blog but it limits its user to avail facilities like using JavaScript and Ad sense, which are only available to premium blogger. Have you ever wanted to move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger? But didn't find how to do that, and left...
  12. the.kaushik

    Greet Box Plugin for Blogger

    First want to thank Thaya Kareeson for his wonderful idea of WP Greet Box for WordPress. If you guys dont know what is WP Greet Box here is the link. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-greet-box/screenshots/ I have tried to port this famous plugin to blogger as so far no body did it...
  13. L

    Blogspot Template Generator

    Check out my tool for generating templates for blogspot.... Features of the blogger template generator v2... 1. It is an online tool based predominantly on Javascript, and you don't need to download or install any software (except a Flash Plugin, required for saving your design and using...
  14. gary4gar

    Migrating Wordpress to Blogger! Suggestions required.

    Migrating blogger to wordpress! Suggestions required. Hi, I am in process of migrating www.gaurishsharma.com from blogger to wordpress. *For Theme i am thinking of choosing this. not final yet so open to suggestions *Which moving i want to preserver backlinks, as URL structure of...
  15. R

    Need help transferring blog

    I run a Blogger blog, which i am planning to transfer to an external host and use Wordpress instead? How can i route my visitors to a new blog if they are visiting my Blogger blog? Need i do something to my Blogger blog?:confused: Also, what measures do i have to take for transfer?
  16. A

    What are the restrictions and limitations in Blogger?

    I would like to know the the restrictions and limitations in Blogger. I have read somewhere that having lots of links in a Blogger Blog may terminate the blog. Are these the links placed INSIDE each post? I find it easy to use Blogger as it is a Google service, and is very well integrated...
  17. ax3

    Blogger or Wordpress ! ! !

    which 1 do u prefer ? Blogger Wordpress
  18. casanova

    Adsense enabled from blogger

    I have enabled an adsense channel from my blogger settings to display ads in between the posts. But I am not able to see the code used for this ads hence, I can't track my earnings from the ad's shown in between the posts. I can count the earnings by subtracting the earnings from other...
  19. thetillian

    Blogger Problem

    Hi friends i have newly created a new blog using blogger and i found some blogger templates on the web and they look really cool, and i wanted to have them on my blog and i downloaded one template and when uploading it to blogger it shows below error message and then i had clicked "confirm &...
  20. K

    How to put images & text together in blogger ?

    I uploaded an image to my blog . And i placed it to the extreme right and started righting besides it . Now i haven't been able to do so . Can anyone help me with this . Thanx for the pain you guys take to help out others.
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