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  1. Flash

    Iran censors WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg is a 'Zionist'

    The ban comes courtesy of Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, Secretary of the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content, which has the power to block access to sites and services deemed offensive in content, ownership, or… well, whatever, really. Khorramabadi described Zuckerberg as "an...
  2. ax3

    VPN client ???

    with ISP blocking many server sites ... VPN is best 2 use ... any 1 using & which is the best free client ???
  3. ramakanta

    Block Specific Number !!

    How to block a specific number in nokia N73 Mobile . please help ????? :cry: :cry:
  4. M

    blocking access to router

    I have D Link DSL-2520U router it has two ports lan port and usb port . lan port is connected with my desktop computer , and usb port is free . now in the absence of mine my younger brother uses to connect the internet through usb port in his tablet and laptop and crossed the internet...
  5. H

    Blocking devices on a DLink ADSL-Wireless Router

    I have a DLink 2730U ADSL cum Wireless Router with Airtel broadband and wifi. As everyone in my family has a wifi-enabled device, I want to know the procedure to blocking a particular wireless device from accessing the wifi. I have read about the MAC filter but for that I guess I'd need the MAC...
  6. ax3

    MTNL blocking ???

    is MTNL blocking many sites or just my connection going down/not opening them ??? even fb, rs, hotfile etc ...
  7. J

    Websites blocking are big business in India

    Blocking of websites are big business in India. The new scam under the nose of DOT and TRAI. Companies broadband service providers AND ISPs blocked sites for money. The website blocking business turnover is more than Indian internet market. Officers of telecom companies have received millions of...
  8. doomgiver

    cannot access website

    hello ppl. i am unable to access a certain website. alpha.astroempires.com/ astroempires.com/ forum.astroempires.com/ these guys had a massive ddos attack last week, so they installed something to block it off. the site is up now, and everyone can use it, except me. i can still access...
  9. R

    Blocking Access to USB Ports

    Guys is there any software that helps blocking USB ports so that when any removable drive is plugged it needs a password in order to get recognised by the operating system.? I am using Windows OS. I browsed the net and came up with a registry hack- Changing values of the key USBSTOR, but...
  10. rhitwick

    Demonoid not opening in my system...

    Why is it not opening? Every damn site is opening, but not this... Neither in FF nor in IE. Shows a 400 error code for it. Tried in my friend's Tata Indicom connection, it opened there and I was able to log-into my account (i.e. my account is not blocked). But, not opening in my system...
  11. clmlbx

    demonoid is online

    hello friends very very good news for all of us demonoid is online:p :D :D reason for downtime
  12. vish786

    blocking sms

    is their a way of blocking incoming sms for a specific number using some software.... ??
  13. O

    Is ip blocking is legal?

    I need immediate help about this issue.I have seen a website, they provide software blocking the ip of my computer and also hide my browsing activities,they provide me the hints they gathered from my computer....... I want to know can i use use this software legally.Did you know anything pls...
  14. abhi_10_20

    Site blocking softwares.....

    Are there any Web site blocking softwares available? No, i am not talking about parental controls...or like the kind... i need a software which can block a site if i just mention its name..... or something like....i dont want the site to be loaded even if it isnt harmful... or can my...
  15. Vishal Gupta

    IE7pro for Internet Explorer 7, improving your IE experience!

    Guys! Its a gr8 add-in for IE 7. It can add many interesting options to IE7, like: Tab History Crash Recovery Hide Search bar Flash Blocking Ad filtering and much more...... So guys! try it out. ;) http://www.ie7pro.com/
  16. O

    need a good proxy server

    hello friendz, i work in a college and take care of internet lab there. to distribute internet on clients, i want a proxy server that is good in doing content filtering and client management as well as ad blocking site blocking. can any1 suggest a good proxy server for this. i have already...
  17. Apollo

    Is banning of networks justified?

    I'm talking about the recent blocking of some foreign networks that were supposedly airing prohibited content by cable operators, recently. I don't know the exact list of channels that were banned. But anyway, that's beside the point. My point is... wouldn't it have sufficed by just taking...
  18. N

    limewire pro

    i am currently using limewire pro 4.10.3.is there any latest version than this and my pc have 2 firewall one is macfee firewall and windows firewall.while downloading i disable this 2 firewall.though limewire shows firewall is blocking which can be seen in the left down side.how to find which...
  19. D

    How to block website using regedit

    Hi all, I want ti ask all u master mind is that is there any solution on website blocking using regedit without using any soft. I want to know how to block certian website using regedit. Thanx Dinesh
  20. D

    Any Software To Find Out the Type of Blocking........

    hi,everybody. i have buddy spy software which indicates a particular id had blocked me . but to get more dipper into the same topic i want to know which type of blocking is applied on my id. as i want to know yahoo id blocking as there is one option : STEALTH SETTING 1. online 2. offline 3...
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