1. N

    Black value significance

    I want to know the significance of black values as mentioned on the notebookcheck reviews. Which of the following black values are better? Inspiron 1545 - 1.29 cd/m² (This is my current laptop) Contrast: 159:1 Planning to buy Inspiron 15R 5537 - 0.45 cd/m² Contrast: 433:1 Lenovo Z510 -...
  2. seamon

    PC Extreme build.

    Anyone rich enough to buy this? Chassis- CoolerMaster 942 HAF X PSU- 1500W EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified CPU- Intel® Core i7 4960X Extreme Edition Mobo- ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREME X79 GPU 1- NVIDIA® GeForce GTX TITAN EVGA BLACK EDITION GPU 2- NVIDIA® GeForce GTX...
  3. F

    How to connect DSL router and Telephone (BSNL) using black cable(w/o RJ11 cable) ?

    How to extend distance between DSL router and Telephone (BSNL) using black cable(w/o RJ11 cable) ? BSNL Landline comes via a black cable which goes into a box which has a RJ11 jack. Normally this would go to splitter, one for ADSL router and other for Telephone. But I want to keep Router on...
  4. ithehappy

    Are my hard drive speeds okay?

    I have two internal drives in my rig. A Seagate and a Caviar Black. Could someone tell me if the speeds are okay? Especially the Seagate? A: Seagate ST3500418AS B: WD Black: Hmm, as per further noticing I am seeing that the Black is averaging lower than the Seagate! Why the hell is...
  5. coderunknown

    [Praise] Western Digital internal hard drive RMA

    2010: Purchased new HDD from SMC. Sent me Green instead of Blue. 2011: Drive failed. RMA and was sent a 1TB Black. 2013-14: Drive died again. RMA and was sent a 1TB Black (rectified) which too died shortly. RMA'd and was sent a 2TB Black (rectified). PS: paid ~2150 for the...
  6. C

    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition Review

    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition Review Sandy Bridge E remains an interesting topic of discussion. Introduced in Q4 2011, this was camp blue’s enthusiast platform, offering the crème-de-la-crème for the crowd who didn’t mind paying a premium. Now, in 2014, when the mainstream segments have...
  7. ico

    This Indian physicist disproved black holes 13 years before Hawking

    A new paper released late last month in which famed British physicist Stephen Hawking contradicts his own theory and says that Black Holes - in the real sense - do not actually exist has startled the world science community. But Abhas Mitra, a theoretical physicist at the Bhabha Atomic...
  8. G

    Printing Photos

    I went to the Photo lab around & I found they don't print in 16:9 aspect ratio. Most of the photos I took were in that ratio. So I settled on 5 * 7''. I thought I'd re-size the photos myself rather than them cropping to what they like. The guy there told me to keep it 5 * 7 in & a certain...
  9. B

    Need a printer for 2-5k. should have cheap cartridge/ink

    I need a printer under 5k [cheaper is better]. my usage will include 4-5 black and white prints per month. and ~20-25 black and white page in every 6 months. Color printing is not necessary but it'd be great, if color printing is available, i will print 3-4 photos in every 2 months. my...
  10. darkther

    I got the Black Power (Razer DA)

    I got my Razer Deathadder black edition delivered yesterday evening. Ordered it from primeabgb on 26th september. So far its been working good. Loved the ergonomics and it feels very comfortable. I bought a mousepad from a local shop for Rs.300, it was all printed. My new mouse and also the old...
  11. B

    camera's photos are black

    guys i need some help i have a kodak easyshare c140 its aperture is not opening so the photos are coming totally black plz help
  12. G

    Rank the COD single player campaign.

    I guess most of us here have played COD single player campaign. I'd like to hear your thoughts on which one you enjoyed the most. So rank them from best to worst. Here's my list from Best to Worst. 1: CoD 4 - Modern Warfare 2: CoD 5 - World at War 3: CoD Black Ops 4: Cod 2 5: CoD -...
  13. A

    HD 8570 GDDR5 64 bit vs 720M/740M DDR3 128 bit

    Which one is better for Gaming like all the recent games black ops2, AssCreed 3/4, NFS-MW2,Dota 2, and programs like STK, ADOBE CS5, MAtlab
  14. mohit9206

    Need suggestions for a new 1TB drive for gaming

    So i am getting a new 1TB hdd to use as a primary drive for gaming, movies,OS etc. But i am confused whether to go for wd green,blue or black drive? Price of green and blue are similar but black is more expensive. Which will be the best option according to my usage and please tell me what are...
  15. U

    Need a Valuable info on Western Digital My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (Black)

    Hi techies i just got my Western Digital My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (Black) from this is my first purchase in online and this is my first external HD i like to know which steps should follow to check my product having waranty and how to register the product...
  16. S

    suggestion for new internal hdd

    hi guys, my seagate hdd (500 gb) went kaput and i need to buy a new one. considering the higher warranty of WD hdds, i have decided to go for them. however, with so many types available (blue, black, green) i wonder which i should go for. could the experts kindly suggest, alongwith price, if...
  17. Skyh3ck

    Need Cheap and good Printer 2 to 5k !!!

    Hi friends i have small consultancy business of Income tax and insurance i need to buy a cheap and good printer for my work, it should be as cheap as possible with good color and black and white prints. My budget is 2 to 5k Buying from Mumbai or online if deal is good
  18. Garv1386

    Hardware Problem- Screen flickers & Some time Black out

    Hi Friends I require ur help in finding solution to my problem Actually i m not sure whether these r two different problems or interrelated 1)What happens that some times my screen flickers u can only notice when u look carefully 2)Some times while i m working screen goes black while CPU is...
  19. gxsaurav

    Efficient long term build: RED

    I just upgraded to this new PC from my 1 year old PC with an AMD APU. Before that I had a Core 2 Duo for 5 years. It is highly likely that I won't be buying a PC now any time in the future and will move to laptops for everything. Also, marriage is near so buying stuff of my own choice after that...
  20. R

    Which Ink Do I use For Epson Stylus Printer?

    Hi again! I purchased an Epson Stylus Color 460 - 7 years ago. I searching Ink Cartridges for it. Its model numbers: Black Ink Cartridge: S020189 / S020108 Color: S020191 / S020089 On Epson website, I found that the substitute model Ink Cartridges: Black: T051 Color: T052 But I...
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