1. nisargshah95

    Good preparatory books for BITSAT 2013

    Hi guys, could anyone suggest me a good book/publisher for preparing for BITSAT 2013, specially considering English and Logical reasoning. There are so many books available on Flipkart that I'm confused (Arihant, Disha, etc.). I had bought an AIEEE solved papers' book from Disha but it was full...
  2. NoasArcAngel

    Which college to choose ? ...

    I got 193 marks in BITSAT 2012 so i can only get BITS Dubai, hoping in AIEEE will get around 185~200 so with delhi quota i can most probably get NSIT. Is it better to go to BITS dubai and do engineering or get admission in India?
  3. vamsi_krishna

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Okay! We have been waiting for a long time,to drive a decent car in our PC... Now it is only a matter of weeks. NFS:HP Demo is out on PSN,XBL. But it won't be for PC, Wii(source).And, it will hit stores on Nov 16 PC requirements are.. Lets brag now.
  4. ruturaj3

    Integer range in C

    HI, In C int is by default, signed short int so it uses 2 bytes(I m talking abt 16 bit compiler). and its range is -32768 to 32767. And char uses 1 byte. char ch = 1300, printf("%d",ch); prints 20. coz, it takes only 8 bits. 1300 = 0101 0001 0100 in binary. so when storing 1300...
  5. M

    JNTU Online Examinations

    Hi, I am studying engineering in AP. We have exams called as "Online exams" for 20 marks. There will be a database of bits in the server. Each student will be given a system connected in LAN . When we click Start exam link in browser, 20 random bits from server will appear on screen, each...
  6. go4saket

    How secure is Truecrypt ncryption?

    Hi Guys! I have some VERY confidential data, accounts to be precise, which I have encrypted with Truecrypt 4.3a. Encryption details are as follows... Encryption Algorithm : AES-Twofish-Serpent Key Size : 768 Bits Block Size : 128 Bits Mode of Operation : LRW Hash Algorithm : RIPEMD-160 I have...
  7. Phreezer

    I've been awarded by Softpedia

    Hey ppl, I've coded a software which hides text into pictures and protects it with a password. The software is "Concealar". Well, you must be thinking, so what?, we know a lot many ways to do that. The difference is -- You can't get an easier way of doing things...Coming onto technical...
  8. Gigacore

    Bytes that u have never heard before. (Must read for tech savvy)

    So when will talk about storage we usually speak about Byte, KB, MB, GB or the Max TB.. Have u heard of PB? If not read it.......... In computer science a byte is a unit of measurement of information storage, now usually considered to contain eight bits. In many computer architectures it is a...
  9. dashingdhruv

    Which is the worst game you've ever played?

    Gamerz,which is the worst game you have ever played and you feel like smashing your screen to bits on watching that game!!!with resons,of course!:mad:
  10. aryayush

    Q) The employees of which company love Macs? A) Microsoft.

    :lol: As some of you may already know, there is a class action lawsuit going on against Microsoft at Iowa District Court for Polk County and many insider emails have been brought into public notice. There is something interesting in these emails. This is an email sent by Jim Allchin in...
  11. V


    hi chips n bits Can anybody know bout overclocking How it is done it's merits n demerits please write to this
  12. K

    Why Slow net speed in WinXP?

    Hi, I am using Reliance LG LSP 350 wireless phone for internet. While using with Win98 speed is upto 132-138 kilo bits per second. But while using with Windows XP it is jus 1 to 2 kilo bits per seconds with same machine configuration. Why is it so? Machine confi...
  13. Sourabh

    Microsoft To Ship All OS Bits With Every Version Of Vista

    Microsoft plans to market several versions of Vista but will distribute all of the OS bits with every product shipped so users can easily unlock and step up to more full-featured versions using electronic keys, sources said. "No matter which edition you buy you get all the bits and a key to...
  14. S

    A CPU For Good..

    A PC for 10,000 bucks withoutmonitor,keyboard,mouse.That is only the CPU. ........................................................................................................ Moderate gaming (onboard may do) Lots of programs, then maybe some hungry application No Internet. Yeh, and...
  15. mediator

    bits and bytes HELP PLZ!!!

    I need a little cleaning up of my bits n bytes confusion! Facts I know! 1. 1 byte (B) = 8 bits (b) 2 1KB = 1024 b Now I want to know what is the maximum memory space or frame size a 32 bit system would take ? I would appreciate a detail and clear explanantion! !
  16. G

    my pc is hacked!!

    i m getting new prob nw.. in this my dialup connection is changed everytime i login. it is changed to dail some isd number.. every time i have to change it .. and during connection sent bits are more then recived bits even if nothing is being uploaded !!! help me in this fast plz
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